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The A340 Part 12 - Crossing the Pacific

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Following on from my previous post (here), we're out in Korea and about to head towards the States. There aren't many A340 operators in the US anymore but United run a 789 from Seoul to SFO and from there we can find an A340 to fly.

UAL892 parked up at RKSI, I've remembered to activate the scenery (works fine in P3Dv4) and AS is communicating just fine... what could possibly go wrong?

A bit of a murky afternoon, we're pushing at 5:05pm local and the light is just starting to fade.

Taxiing out looking over at the cargo apron...

...and Korean Air's main terminal.

Pax eye view shortly after take off, admiring the local terrain close to the airport.



Into the murk...

Above the clouds now with the moon clearly in view.

Local 747-8 descending towards the airport.

Clouds breaking up as we make our way east.

Sun setting as we head out over the Pacific, it's a long way over water.

After an accelerated night I notice this Air China triple coming back the other way.

Some local traffic hacking back and forward to Hawaii.


In sight of the mainland now.

Heading down the coast towards the bay

Some minor (but unsightly) texture anomolies during the approach that ruining most of my pics. I fixed them with a refresh of the files from FTX Central but, obviously, only after the flight.

Short final to 28R

Final pax view of our deceleration, this is the old (non HD) KSFO from Flightbeam and the jetways were a bit wonky so no parked pics.

At this point, aerosoft released the A320/321 and iFly released the HD update to the P3Dv4 737NG. I couldn't help myself do a few flights with these 2 (here) before finding another Lufty A340 (600 this time) to Munich (here).


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When I crossed the Pacific for the first time and only time (well, actually I returned across it too so it was not the only time lol), what I remember most after the long transit from SFO and over the Aleutians, which I saw enroute, was Mt. Fuji coming out of the green land of Japan.  But during the flight I was thoughtful about the KAL flight that had strayed too close to the Russian coast, but due to open skies after the KAL flight and the fall of the Soviet Union, my flight was the only time in my life I had flown over the territory of Russia as I saw the eerie landscape of Kamchatka some hours before landing in Japan.

I was amazed how much the geography of Japan looked like the geography of NoCal where I lived, since we had Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta, our Mt. Fuji's.  And in the Bay Area we had the short sub four thousand foot Mt. Diablo which although low in height is said to have the widest vista of any mountain on the planet, aside from Kilimanjaro which I find amazing. 

It is true atop Mt. Diablo one can gaze 150 miles south down the San Joaquin Valley and 150 miles north or more, up the Sacramento Valley and it is possible on a clear day to see the tall slumbering Mt. Shasta.  I had to implement some software and install a network at a motel/hotel, the Best Western then in '97, in the town of Mt. Shasta. 

The owners told me that locals used to climb to the top of Mt. Shasta and light fires to scare people into believing an eruption was happening.  Whether that is true or not I do not know but knowing the practical jokes I have played in my life, I can believe someone would play a joke like that although the rarified air at 14,000 plus feet might be a challenge to handle.


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