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FedEx touring Hawaii island...

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[I leave this aircraft (one of the, so-far, un-installed installers in my archive) nameless for now. If you catch this post, and feel like it, please try to name it...otherwise, I will do so, in a few hours, after I return from my outside errands. BTW, I find no evidence that FedEx actually operates this aircraft. So, please consider this livery fictional.]

Nonetheless, here, below, a bit of history about FedEx livery, here, that may be of interest:

It was founded by Fred W. Smith. The concept for what eventually became Federal Express came to Fred in the mid-1960s, while an undergraduate student at Yale. For an economics class, he submitted a paper in which he proposed an entirely novel concept: have one carrier be responsible for a piece of cargo (especially time-sensitive, such as medicine, electronics, and computer-parts etc.) from local pick-up right through to ultimate delivery, operating its own aircraft, depots, posting stations, and delivery vans. Before that, there was no time-sensitive dedicated service for parcels and packages...they travelled as passengers did in (regular) passenger aircraft....

An interesting side-note: For years it has been misreported that the professor teaching the course gave Fred's paper the grade of "C", but Fred clarified in a 2004 interview that the grade is not known and the reports of a "C" grade were due to his response to a reporter who asked him what grade he received and his reply was, "I don't know, probably made my usual C." Despite the professor's opinion (and likely an average grade for the paper), Smith held on to the idea, which started an entire industry! Smith named the company Federal Express because he believed the patriotic meaning associated with the word “federal” suggested an interest in nationwide economic activity. He also hoped the name would resonate with the Federal Reserve Bank, a potential customer. Although the bank denied his proposal, Smith kept the name because he thought it was memorable and would help attract public attention. Memphis (TN) was selected as his Hub, because this airport has the distinction of being one of the airports, rarely closed due to adverse weather and (usually) operational throughout the year. Memphis was also chosen because of its central location within the U.S. In 1994, Federal Express adopted the "FedEx" name, formalizing the abbreviation that until then was unofficial.

Here are the other facts (and many firsts) by FedEx, that we take for granted now-a-days:

  1. On April 17, 1973, the company started overnight operations , with 14 small aircraft (all Dassault Falcon 20s) that connected 25 cities in the U.S., delivering 186 packages that night.
  2. In 1975, Federal Express installed first drop box which allowed customers to drop off (time-sensitive) packages without going to a company local branch.
  3. In the mid-1970s, Federal Express was the leader lobbying for air cargo deregulation, which was legislated in 1977. The legislative change removed restrictions on the routes operated by all-cargo airlines, and enabled Federal Express to purchase its first "large" aircraft, btw, not 777, but, seven Boeing 727-100s (the first company to do acquire such large aircraft for such service).
  4. In 1979, it became the first shipping company to use a computer to manage time-sensitive packages.
  5. In 1981, the company introduced its overnight letter service to compete with the U.S. Postal Service's Express Mail, and allowed document shipping for the first time.
  6. In 1986, the company introduced the "SuperTracker", a hand-held bar code scanner which brought real-time parcel tracking to the shipping industry for the first time.
  7. In 1989, As the volume of international shipments increased, Federal Express created Clear Electronic Customs Clearance System to expedite regulatory clearance while cargo is en route across country borders, one of the primary sources of delay in international transit.

The scenery, here, belongs to Hawaii (the largest of the archipelago of eight major islands that comprise the Hawaiian group). Thanks for viewing and your interest. [MSE(Hawaii)/REX]















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Folks: The aircraft is an example of C-27J Spartan (military transport and multi-purpose) aircraft - in fictional FedEx livery. This model is by IRIS.

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Superb sunset cruise P_7878, in an unusual aircraft for FedEx 😉

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Correct, Bernd, see the weapon in the front ready to fire...FedEx must be using this for delivery to only certain parts of the world..🙂...

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