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stutters with 30hz on ground but not in the air

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Good morning,


maybe you can help me with that.

I am able to run 30hz with my Monitor and i tried it with a saved flight using FSLabs 320 in the air above germany where i got usually stutters.

With 30hz and inside sim vsync and TB on, frames unlimited it is super smooth.

But as soon as i start at a airport, taxiing etc is so full of stutters or input lag, don't know how i should describe it. when in the air above 10k everything is smooth again.

Do you guys have any idea what causes this ?

Thanks a los, Carsten

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Sounds like your GPU/CPU is getting overloaded i.e. maxing out @ 100%

Try using a tool to view what sort of use your GPU/CPU is being put to and then adjusting the P3D settings to hopefully solve.

Here'sa tool I use.


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thanks for your answer but at 60hz it is not that much stutter. In case of verload it should be the same as with 30 i would expect ?

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I agree that you need to know what your CPU/GPU loads are, and then manage settings to get them down to well below 100% (like < 80%). 

CPU load can be managed by reducing AI traffic, autogen density and rendering distance, scenery complexity etc.  GPU loads can be managed by reducing AA settings, dynamic lighting, and cloud layers/texture sizes.

I also use an add-on called Dynamic FFTF--it is set to reduce the allocation of processing time to scenery loading when on the ground, and then it progressively increases that percentage as a function of altitude.  It makes ground ops less problematic by allowing the CPU to spend less time loading/processing textures while the acft has a limited view horizon and is moving slow or not at all, thus not encountering much in the way of new textures that need processing.


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