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Introducing Oculus ASW 2.0

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cool ! thanks for posting that one....hadn't heard of it.  





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I'm a bit concerned about this update.

First I've read a couple reviews that says it can't be turned off like ASW 1.0 could be with the Debug Tool and it is causing some issues in VR games. I'm not sure what it would do in our Flightsim apps but I never used ASW in P3D or any other Flightsim apps as I found smoother performance without it. Now in my Oculus VR games I use it and it helps for sure.

Secondly it only works if the depth data has been incorporated into the VR game. Currently only a few VR games like Robo Recall have it coded in. I'm quite sure no Flightsim apps or add-ons have this embedded into their code so it won't even work and by default without the depth info it reverts back to version 1.0 apparently. However, if it can't be turned off now that would actually not be a good thing for me.

Clearly things in VR are moving ahead I hope P3D and the like will keep moving in a direction to use all the new capabilities but we live in a very complicated eco system in our Flightsim world.

As another note I've read some info that Best Buy will most likely put the Rift-S on sale at the end of April !

We'll have to stay tuned on whether or not the ASW 2.0 will be of any benefit to us and hopefully not a problem inadvertently.


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