GTN 750 - User Waypoint Database - Carenado vs. RealityXP Version

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I have referred to the GTN 750/650 manual and still have some questions.  I will try to explain the situation as clearly as I can.

I am recovering from a hard drive crash.  I have a new replacement Windows/Programs (C) drive and a separate (D) drive for X-Plane.  I had Reality XP installed on my C drive and had to reinstall Reality XP (GTN 750 and 650) when the drive failed, but lost all of my previously saved User Defined Waypoints since they were apparently saved on my C drive.  My X-Plane (D) drive is working fine and I was able to resume X-Plane without having to re-install much.  I am in the process of recreating the User Defined Waypoints and have noticed a few issues that were not present prior to my hard drive crash.

Main issue: prior to my hard drive crash, I was able to access my User Defined Waypoints in all aircraft using an RXP GTN 750, 725, 650, 635 or 625, regardless of whether the aircraft came with the GTN 750 included or not (example: Carenado C207 v1.2).

Now it seems that the Carenado's GTN 750, the RXP GTN 750-625 all have separate User Defined Waypoints databases. 

I have imported the "starter pack" waypoints from C:\ProgramData\RealityXP\Common\GtnTrainer\   into  C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN\user.wpt  and these 5 starter waypoints are available to import into each device, but the User Defined Waypoints created are only available to the device that created them.

This is frustrating because prior to my drive crashing, I was able to access small airports that I had added and their User Defined Waypoints, regardless of aircraft or GTN device.  I have a few hundred real-world airstrips in South America that I am re-adding User Defined Waypoints for.  Creating and maintaining separate databases for each device is not the ideal situation, especially since it was working well prior to re-installing Reality XP GTNs.

I am familiar with my file structure and where most things are located, but I am unable to locate or determine how these devices shared a common User Defined Waypoint database.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thanks :)


Windows 10, X-Plane 11.33r2

SW Version 6.50.1 TRNG (same for Carenado's), Reality XP: 2.5.16 (same for Carenado's)

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Update/Correction:  It appears that the GTN 750 is now sharing User Defined Waypoints across aircraft, including the Carenado C207's included GTN 750, however the GTN 750, 725, 650, 635 and 625 do not share a common User Defined Waypoint database.



One question remains: Is it possible to have a common User Defined Waypoint database for all GTN models?

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Not as best I know.. my 750 and 650 have separate waypoint databases..

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Thanks Bert!

I have figured out a work around:

I use a text editor to manually edit the user.wpt file located in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN\.  There are two user.wpt files, and only one of them provides updates across all the GTN models - the user.wpt file in C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer\flightplans\FPLN does *NOT* provide updates to all the GTN models.

Here are the 5 waypoints in the file by default:


I added:

MHRR,RUS RUS I,14.7142,-84.4544


Results:  when I update user waypoints in any of the GTN devices, it now pulls MHRR and any future User Defined Waypoints across!

Good news: I can create User Defined Waypoints that can be uploaded to all GTN devices.

Bad news: I have to use a text editor to manually create the entries.

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let me try to shed some light:

  1. Each GTN has a 'current state' stored in its embedded memory (flash memory on real hardware).
  2. On you PC, the 'flash memory' is in fact a file and there is one per GTN model. This is documented in the RXP GTN User's Manual.
  3. The User Waypoints file is a text file you add waypoint definitions to, whether manually (notepad) or using a 3rd party tool (Little Nav Map?)
  4. You can import the waypoints from the user waypoints file in any device where it will be stored in the device embedded memory.
  5. You can't 'transfer' one device embedded memory to another device, but you can copy one device embedded memory file to another file with the documented file name so that the other device model will use it.

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