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Boeing or not going

Cargolux and the Sea Life Trust fly 2 White Whales to Iceland!

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Position flight CLX8762 ELLX-UBBB-ZSPD

Flying Baku to Shanghai




Turning to night on our way, in Chinese airspace


Arriving in Shanghai 02:00 local


Next day we are on our way CLX8773 ZSPD-BIKF


We have lift-off with delicate cargo



Slowly making our way out of Chinese airspace. Due to winds, crossing traffic and economics we do not go above FL320 for the entire flight, even though the cargo load is not very heavy!


Approaching Keflavik


Final runway 01


The unloading begins! Thanks for viewing


Drezweki Design UBBB

Imaginesim ZSPD

Aerosoft BIKF w inibuilds patch

Orbx Global Vector OpenLC Europe



Activesky and ASCA

PTA Matt's Preset

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Great account of a (very interesting) real-life flight by Cargolux!

Read up a bit about the (recently completed) 6000-mile (747) transport of the 2 beluga whales (Little Grey and Little White) from Shanghai to Keflavik (in custom-made slings and in custom-made containers)...along with an expert  team of Cargolux engineers and global veterinarians on board to ensure these two marine mammals arrived safely (while, at the same time, ensuring that all flight-safety requirements were upheld). Fascinating...and it also shows the trust of SEA LIFE organization in Cargolux Cargo...

Thanks for posting!

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Super set of shots! Always like seeing the freighters.

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