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P3Dv4.5 Slow Loading and CPU Core Performance

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I posted this over at the LM P3D forum but no one really addressed my questions including LM...so I will try here......

Since moving to P3D v4.4 and now v4.5 I have been experiencing very long loading times for scenery. This is a minor nuisance for initial scenery loading at startup, but is more of an issue flying into very detailed add-on airports like Fly Tampa CYYZ or Drezweicki KEWR (as examples) where  I am experiencing very long pauses upon approach.  

So I did some investigation of CPU core performance.  What I found is that when a very detailed scenery area is being loaded my CPU utilization is at a full 100% with 100% loading on all 12 cores of my system. 99% of the activity shows as P3D so there are no rogue competing processes running.

That kind of 100% loading across all cores I find as very surprising.  It is certainly not what existed in earlier P3D versions (and FSX) where CPU performance was very constrained across cores.  It is nice to see that kind of progress on CPU utilization, but I would think that scenery loading would be faster, not significantly slower.

So my questions are....Is this normal?  Are others seeing it?  Or is it a manifestation of some strange issue I have going on?

I have a multi-computer setup for my visuals using WideView,  Each of my projection computers are identical (I7-8700 CPU/Ti1080 GPU).  The same thing happens in each one.


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I believe this is both normal, and also indicating an overload situation..

At some point, your system cannot handle what you are asking of it.. and this is what happens.

The only solution I know, is to dial back on your scenery settings and give your computer a bit more headroom. The airports you mention are known to tax every system, regardless of configuration..


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I have found on my i79700k, irrespective of AM, I have to run P3d on core 0, anything else results in slow loading autogen if I mask core 0.

I used to be always maxing out cores 0-4, but since I have used process lasso to set an affinity on anything but P3d, this is now much better. Generally seeing 65-80% CPU load. I add that I lock my FPS to 26 with a FFTF of 0.02 and run vsync at adaptive 1/2 refresh rate (set in Nvidia control panel) 


So all of my windows stuff runs on cores 4-7 and P3d uses 0-3 exclusively and shares the rest.

I have much better performance now. I don't use any of the PL features 

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