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Spoilers, Reverse Green, Decel, manual Brakes

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I'm hearing these callouts always in YouTube Videos from Airbus Pilots.

Can someone please explain the Background in some more detail.

I know what these callouts from the PNF mean but I would like to know where the indications for these callouts can be seen in the cockpit display for example.

What are pilots supposed to do if for example one or even more of these actions fail. Do they hit the brakes full manual? Do they apply to/ga thrust?

Thanks for bringing some light into these things for me.

Best regards Andi 

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Spoiler positions are displayed on ECAM wheel page (which automaticly is active during landing phase). This is verified by Pilot Monitoring

"REV" is displayed in green on the Engine / warning display when the reverse thrust is used. So pilot monitoring is acknowledging that he/she sees the green reverse indication.

Decel is also displayed in green on the autobrake select button. Again, Decel status is acknowleged by PM.

Now, the most probable outcome of any abnormal indications, would be the increased landing distance (especially with partial spoiler failure,. The likelyhood of all spoilers failing without giving you any indication prior..well I do not know if that is even possible. Perhaps some FSL A320 expert can chime in here). 

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As @SAS443 says, the calls are to verify that:

- The spoilers have deployed (confirmed on the ECAM wheel page), else the PM will call "NO SPOILER".

- Both thrust reversers have deployed correctly as indicated by the REV indication on the E/WD turning green, or else the PM will call "NO REVERSE ENGINE ___" or simply "NO REVERSE" if neither reverser indicates green.

- The "DECEL" callout, incidentally, is not related to the autobrake "decel" light but instead confirms that deceleration is felt by the crew and confirmed by the speed trend on the PFD. If there is no positive deceleration, then "NO DECEL" should be called instead.

- "MANUAL BRAKES" is an indication from the PF that he/she is braking manually as a matter of good CRM so that the PM does not see the autobrake disengage and assume that it has failed.

As to what to do in the event that any of the above do not occur -- that may depend on the situation but broadly, if the spoilers do not deplay automatically ("NO SPOILER") then the PM will normally extend them manually.

A reverser(s) not deploying could be down to a mechanical fault, or it could be because the PF has forgotten to select reverse or has not selected reverse on one of the engines correctly! So "NO REVERSE (ENGINE ___)" would probably first result in confirming that the levers have been set to the interlocks. If one reverser has not deployed then there may be directional control issues so the PF may wish to be judicious in their application of reverse on engine which is indicating REV green. Reverse selection is the point of no return -- once reverse has been selected a go-around is no longer possible so at this point you are committed to a full stop landing.

In the event of 'NO DECEL' then again one would need to ascertain why this is. Perhaps the autobrakes have not engaged in which case manual braking may be required. If manual braking is ineffective then you are in a bit of a tricky situation where there is not going to be a right or wrong answer but essentially if reverse has been selected then you are committed to using everything at your disposal to slow the aeroplane down. If reverse has not been selected (and it is unlikely that you would get to this point without having done so) then a go-around is still a potential option but would need to be evaluated very quickly.

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Simon Kelsey



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It’s amazing all of the things a pilot has to be ready for and ready to react instinctually if they do go wrong, given the everything you’ve mentioned there happens in a very short period of time.  Much less than it takes to read!


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