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Blue Screen: short life span

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Tests now shows prolonged blue screen exposure shortens lifespan in lower order animals.

I'm guessing in humans too. So purchased ($5) utility for Windows that one press hotkey from blue (web browsing etc) back to normal colors (simming).

Medical study


Nine free cures...

Best color temps to set

SunsetScreen was cheap and I though the best (easiest to use and lots of configuration options).
I have it set to run 24/7 instead of a day/night cycle. And then just hotkey out of it (or click tray icon).


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On 10/27/2019 at 7:21 PM, Fielder said:

Tests now shows prolonged blue screen exposure shortens lifespan in lower order animals.

Living shortens life spans.

I always take these articles (tests) with a grain of salt. Just wait a few months somebody will say the opposite is true. There is a hidden motive behind all these so called warnings. This is bad for you that is bad for you. Everybody is different. What is bad for some is ok for others. 
I know because I followed every advice to eat right and exercise (cycling in my case) non-smoker, etc. my entire life because my dad had heart disease. Well guess what... I ended up in the hospital due to a stroke at age 57 and the doctors discovered I also have congestive heart failure. I asked one of the doctors how I could end up like this. He said heredity takes precedent over everything else. Another example: Smoking is bad for you right? Tell that to my Grandfather he smoked till the day he died. He lived to be 96. His Daughter (my Aunt) also smoked till her death aged 96.
So much for all that advice from the so-called experts.

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