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VR Implementation requirements for MSFS

VR Implementation requirements: All functions at the beginning or just the basics first and later more enhancements?  

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  1. 1. We would like to see VR .....

    • 1. ....first basics like in P3D later more. This point addresses the functionallity and NOT the performance. We assume that performance would be better in MSFS. Basics are "handling the cockpit and pop-up panels/menues with at least mouse-pointer". Implementation As Soon As Possible. Important: Further enhancements should come to a later moment IF they blocking a basic VR on/near launch date. We would like to see the basics asap.
    • 2. ...direct fully enhanced like in X Plane 11/flyinside flight simulater even if it delays a basic implementation. Means with full cockpit control "handling the cockpit with mouse AND/OR VR-Controllers incl. menus/pop-up panels". If this delays the VR implementation to a later moment we accept this. It is more important to us to implement the full stack on functionallity even if it comes much later.

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3 minutes ago, mpo910 said:

Not true. Flight controls have being seperated from fps in MSFS as they stated

What has view panning and e.g. a high roll rate to do with 'separated flights controls'? (whatever this means)


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39 minutes ago, FDEdev said:

What has view panning and e.g. a high roll rate to do with 'separated flights controls'? (whatever this means)


That is already fluid at 30 fps.

New in MSFS is that the plane controlling is also possible with less fps....today in the actual sims that is not possible and related to fps. 

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2 hours ago, mpo910 said:

I did not forgot anything. You must have missed the headline of the topic. Just leave the topic and you will not be affected at all. 

MSFS stated already that they are working in VR. So this is a completely useless comment from you overhere.

Also I assume that we are not possible to analyse if VR implemenation costs ressources who could work on other parts like you whish for.....

I don't understand the hard feelings here.

I am not interested in VR right now. Nevertheless I might be in the future if the new sim and a new hardware generation makes VR possible without having to make compromises.

So I wouldn't have any interest in a "basic" VR support.

I fully support the decision by MS / Asobo: if they do it - they do it right in every aspect.

If they manage to do it so that VR can be used without any compromises, I might get interested. So I voted for #2.


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I will take basic VR now rather than perhaps nothing in the future—due to possible development/budget analysis paralysis  that can result from trying to have a perfect implementation.

Basic Implementation:

  • Plumbing to allow VR without resorting to injection.
  • 3D Mouse functionality as needed to operate plane buttons.
  • Mono/3D projection mode if frame rates become an issue.
  • A programmable VR center view function.
  • A main menu pop out view for menu interaction. This is already implemented natively in Windows 10, but needs improvements in pinning and resizing.
  • Use of OpenVR for maximum compatibility. Windows Mixed Reality is already included in Windows 10.

This is bacically what is included in Aerofly FS 2 VR.  I would be very satisfied to have that as a start. VR sim users are used to only getting basic VR implementation. 

if Microsoft does not implement VR to start, I will probably pay a 3rd party developer to inject VR per usual. And yes, I will still buy FS2020 even without VR.  Theater mode anyone? 😎

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Ok fellows. No more polls about VR and no more topics. We have covered every square inch of this subject.



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Thank you.


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