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Cant turn off engine fire suppression

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What if you just reset/reloaded the aircraft, instead of reloading/resetting the flight. Reset the "engine fire failure" first by unchecking that option, then the "reset failures" button then OK to exit back to sim. The FSX Failure system does not automatically clear.
Then perform an Aircraft reload. When the aircraft is reloaded it should return with all conditions restored as before the engine fire. You could also just reselect the Aircraft from the Aircraft selection window.
I have my Aircraft reload toggle (Keyboard keys) for testing A2A 3D light positions, mapped to  "Ctrl+Shift+R" in FSX Controls > Buttons and Keys tab > look for "Aircraft (Reload)" assign a key combo, maybe use Ctrl+Shift+R  to perform this function.

I agree with spokes2112,  the bottle fire system is a one use/refill deal. Normally engines would not restart once used, but its a simulation so a reset should allow engine restart.

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Just checked and the fire supression system on the default Lear has nothing to do with the real system and (at least on my install) doesn't work even remotely realistic.

1. The fire supression system is missing the extinguisher switches/function.

2. Pressing the FIRE PUSH switch should immediately shut down the engine which doesn't happen and there's no movement of the switch. so Without a fire you can't even tell if the switch has been pushed or not. IF there's a fire, the fire push switch should be flashing, and pushing the fire switch should change the flashing indication to steady. Also the extinguisher switches don't illuminate in this case.

3. Pushing the fire push switch should not result in the extinguisher to be discharged!

4. Other than incorrectly discharging the extinguisher, the FIRE PUSH switch doesn't appear to have any function and the engine can be restarted as usual.

5. It should be possible (IRL) to restart the engine even if the fire extinguisher has been used.

@KFXE, how are you trying to restart the engines? Sometimes you need to use the 'Mixture full rich' command to restart the engine. 

This is most likely the case when you start the engine and you get N1 and N2 rotation but the fuel doesn't ignite (no further increase in RPM and no increase in ITT 

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