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P3D How to make P3D always on top?

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Hi all,

I have an ultra-wide Samsung screen and play P3D in windowed mode (1920 x1080) in the middel of the screen.

However, especially while streaming, I do not want other windows / apps to overlap P3D.

Thus, want to have the P3D window always on top, so that even if I move other applications above P3D, they will stay below the P3D window.


I am using a tool called "always on top".

It works perfectly fine for other apps, like chrome etc. 

But P3D just wont stay on top...


Anybody has any idea?


Thanks in advance


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I always run the sim in full-screen mode. It stays on top and switching windows is done by ALT+TAB.


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Hi Flyfox, 


thanks for your reply.


I tried that, but I am using an ultrawide 49" display (3840x1080).

If I am using full screen, it stretches the sim window over the entire screen.

However I only want to play in 1920x1080 centered in the middel of the screen.

Left and right I have the streaming tool and maps.


So, even if it is in full screen, still other applications can overlap if it is not stretched over the entire screen.

If you have any idea, I would be really thankful.




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Go into options -> graphics, uncheck 'black out desktop' and 'auto-fill main view'. Then get the sim window where you want it, and the size you want it, in windowed mode. Then hit ALT+ENTER to go to full-screen mode. The P3D window will remain at the same size as it was when it was windowed, and the rest of the desktop will be untouched so you can have other apps there.

The one thing this will not do is keep P3D above all other apps - if you move something over the top of the P3D window, it will show above P3D. I don't believe there's anything you can do to stop that. But if you keep other apps strictly in the areas outside the P3D window, this should give you what you want.

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Since I can't edit my last post...

One thing to watch out for here is if you have 'pause on lost focus' or 'mute on lost focus' checked in the settings. If so, and you click onto any of your other apps, P3D will lose the focus and will either pause or lose sound. Make sure both are unchecked. Certain other things don't work that well when P3D doesn't have focus, so if you do interact with one of your other apps, make sure to click on the P3D window again to give it the focus, or you'll have problems.


Temporary sim: 9700K @ 5GHz, 2TB NVMe SSD, RTX 3080Ti, MSFS + SPAD.NeXT

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Dear Neil,


thanks... Going to try it. Thats better than just windowed mode, I guess.

But indeed, whenever I start a new program, it might still overlay the P3D app, because P3D is still not "always on top".

Anyways, I will give it a try, and hope this already improves the handling a bit.


Thanks for your answer!

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1 hour ago, pgde said:

I use AutoHotkey for some other things, but it does NOT work for P3D. Maybe the other options ?

Edited by willy647

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