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Shall i switch to P3Dv5.

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1 hour ago, Christopher Low said:

If you are perfectly happy with v4, then there is no reason to upgrade. I uninstalled v4 several months ago (because of flight simulation burn out), but I am considering reinstalling it again. One thing that I will not be doing is switching to v5, because that would involve more money and more hassle.


I was exactly like that a month or so ago (although didn't uninstall v4) - in the end decided to try v5 as I can always uninstall and refund, but going to stick with it - mostly for EA  & updated airports.

I must admit there was less hassle going from v4 to v5 than other versions as no need for vector or mesh. But still got v4 in case I fancy flying the NGX.


Gary Davies aka "Gazzareth"

Simming since 747 on the Acorn Electron

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So while I had a fresh windows 10 install and 2 empty SSD's I installed V4 and V5 along with ORBX true earth Washington State. I set them up to have as close to the same settings as possible, mostly high settings and departed Paine field south towards Seattle. V5 was nice and smooth around 55-60 FPS. (Yes, really), Then I loaded up V4 and loaded the same flight with the same F-35 aircraft. I was getting between 30-40 FPS  with dips into the 20's. and the SMOOTHNESS was all GONE. So V5.2 really is the way to go...   

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Flight Simulator's - Prepar3d V5.3/MSFS2020 | Operating System - WIN 10 | Main Board - GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO | CPU - INTEL 9700k (5.0Ghz) | RAM - VIPER 32Gig DDR4 4000Mhz | Video Card - EVGA RTX3090 FTW3 ULTRA Monitor - DELL 38" ULTRAWIDE | Case - CORSAIR 750D FULL TOWER | CPU Cooling - CORSAIR H150i Elite Push/Pull | Power Supply - EVGA 1000 G+ 

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