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On from Hearst Castle, up the coast to KHAF

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Carrying on from my previous post, I'm heading up the coast towards Monterey, Santa Cruz and then putting down at KHAF. Same yellow P-51 but made the weather a bit more changeable. Quite nice as we head off though -


Not sure, Big Sur may or may not be around this part of the coast. Had a very nice two night stopover there once. Lovely place.



Past Carmel now, turning in over Monterey

Weather taking a turn for the worse, just going to buzz the tower on my way past

Carrying on up Monterey Bay towards Santa Cruz, weather seems to be heading in the opposite direction




Approaching Santa Cruz. Been in the air over 40 minutes now so as usual for me, starting to get stutters, low bandwidth messages, and cr*ppy PG making its presence felt


If you've got a big monitor you might be able to blow this up and enjoy the view of the boardwalk and the rides here. I was taken here on the first weekend of my first business trip to silicon valley back in 1987. It was everything I had hoped for as a kid bought up in the 50s and 60s on a diet of Beach Boys records, Hot Rod magazines and all the other American cultural imperialism of the day. I remember there were actual Hell's Angels on proper Harleys (unheard of in the UK then), rather stunning young women in bikinis roller skating along the pavement, and plenty of custom cars tootling around. And this was a trip I was getting paid to be on! Oh, and proper burgers (and I don't mean MacDonalds), when back in the UK we only had something called a Wimpey Bar (presumably named after the character in Popeye)

Off round the headland into Half Moon Bay


Getting a bit nasty again

my usual trick, wheels down way too early (unless I forget them altogether <grin>)


And here we are, done. Looks like we kept the sunshine here but they're catching it over KSFO way

I do love that PCH journey, both for real and here in MSFS. And the beauty of all this is that I can do it any time I like now here in the sim. Mind you, it works almost as well in both XP and P3D with ORBX's True Earth products (ahh, back in the days where they used to give a s**t)

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Excellent shots Andy , too bad about Orbx ; just another Simmarket now . 

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Truly awesome shots, Andy. Thanks for the ride!!

16 hours ago, johnbow72 said:

too bad about Orbx ; just another Simmarket now

I agree with you, John. But I think they didn't have a chance otherwise with offices in the UK and Australia etc etc. I remember that I have spent quite a sizeable amount of money on their excellent TE series. Now we don't need to do that anymore and my CC is happy.

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Posted (edited)

Great shots buddy , with nice mountains around and i do love those old ladies 😍

OK, these yellow color isn't mine but what does it matter, flying is the point..

cheers 😉

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