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35 minutes ago, Dillon said:

I edited my message after I found out the guy was a real world pilot via another user.  My question was answered at that point so now the conversation is more level footing. If you look someone quoted what I originally said. After a suggestion I wrote below my flying actual experience.  This goes along with what I originally wrote.  It's really no one's business and I may deleted what I wrote below after reading some of these later comments.  People can believe what they want, who cares.🍺

Editing a message and then saying you never said something you totally did say is never a stand up move. Look at mine and SierraDelta's quote tweets.  You clearly said "Let's put our money where our mouths are.  First are you a pilot?" along with lots of accusations.  Then you go back and edit them out and act like you never said them.  I'm glad Stearmandriver called you out first since he has the credentials, I would have likely been brushed off.   But your post absolutely reminds me of many people I have met in my aviation career that absolutely inflate their knowledge and experience to gain clout biased off very peculiar wording and wordsmithing to make them seem more important. 

I know its hard to be brought back to reality, but you need it.   I've never seen a more narcissistic string of posts than in than in the last few pages.  Your an aviation worker (likely some sort of mechanic based of my informed guess) that has used their "experience" to try and sound important and knowledgeable in the area of professional commercial aviation when they have never been in a commercial cockpit during flight.

Also we should lock this thread, its ridiculous that we are still trying to talk about EFBs at this point, everyone has their opinion already and it isn't changing.

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Nick Running

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Two people decided to ignore my advice and continue debating off topic.


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