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Guest skydog12

im planning a "round the world voyage in free flight" in FS2004.I need some advise on what are some very realistic and efficant...preferabley Airliners. gps and auto pilot.Thx.

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The PMDG 747 would seem to be the way to go on this for a 'conventional' airliner, as it has the range and navigation systems that are hard to beat, and it is about as realistic in terms of avionics as anything you can get. Considering the length of the trip, you might want to think about using Concorde instead, there are a few decent ones for FS9.Personally, I'd use the SR71 Blackbird add-on if I was contemplating this, you'd get it done in half the time LOL!Don't forget something that can analyse winds aloft too, so that you can plan the best altitudes and route direction, and you might want to consider a specific time of year in the sim as well, as some of the jetstream winds are seasonal.If you want to go for realism, you might not want to rely on GPS, since it is basically controlled by the military and is occasionally switched off and jammed in certain areas as part of military exercises. Invariably NOTAMS are issued about this sort of thing, and although it is not something you have to worry about in FS, if you are going for realism, then using GPS as a primary nav system on an airliner is not really realistic.Also, another note for realism which not many FS add-ons simulate, is the fact that most of the former Soviet Union states, and certainly Russia, use metric measurements so FLs are in meters and airspeeds are in KMs. so you might want to switch that in the preferences when you get to that part of the world.Going for total realism on this would actually make it pretty hard but nevertheless enjoyable I think. Not using the CDU (or FMC as everyone incorrectly calls it) would be a real challenge on the ocean crossings! Using the bog standard FS GPS would seem a bit pointless to me as far as a challenge went. I'd be tempted to try it with VORs and NDBs for laugh actually.Chock

Alan Bradbury

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>Using the bog standard FS>GPS would seem a bit pointless to me as far as a challenge>went. I'd be tempted to try it with VORs and NDBs for laugh>actually.>You want to talk about a laugh, try doing it using dead reckoning and pilotage. :DRhettAMD 3700+ (@2585 mhz), eVGA 7800GT 256 (Guru3D 93.71), ASUS A8N-E, PC Power 510 SLI, 2gb Corsair XMS 3-3-3-8 (1T), WD 150 gig 10000rpm Raptor, WD 250gig 7200rpm SATA2, Seagate 120gb 5400 rpm external HD, CoolerMaster Praetorian


i7-8700k @ 5.0 ghz, 32 GB G.Skill TridentZ, 1080Ti, 32" BenQ, 4K res

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I just completed a series of flights (22) from London (EGUN) to Melbourne Austalia in Dave Garwood's DH89 Dragon Rapide.I and the dozen other pilots flying other pre-1939 aircraft also took out the GPS, the VOR receivers. We just had NDB, maps, the compass and a drift meter.Actually wasn't that hard though it was anxious when I got down to less than 5 gallons fuel and did not have the landing airport in sight.I even had an issue caused by fat fingering in the chat window/ losing focus - and ended up with no electrical power at 7,500 feet and successfully made a dead stick landing in the Iranian desert.I've flown around the world three times as part of a multi-player relay race - mostly in twin engine props - turbo-props and piston. The FSD Piaggio Avanti and Dave Copley's P-38 are my favorites for that run.I've flown the Vickers Vimy for over 10 hours in these events, I've successfully flown every classic aircraft in the FS2004 suite for at least an hour.These flights are done without speed up, high realism settings, crashes enabled, real world weather. The RTW race is also done in real time - i.e. if it's dark in the deserts of north Africa - we're flying and landing in the dark.FLY, don't plan too much - FLY !!!

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