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    Lionheart Creations Proton Stingrey


    Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the release of its latest plane; the Proton Stingrey.  This package is a look into the future of General Aviation with a focus on modern electric propulsion.  The Stingrey is a two passenger 'flying wing' that has similar design features to the vintage Arup German sport planes of the 1930's, and also the famous Chance Voight V-173 Flying Flapjack.  The Stingrey is designed to be both a STOL Bush plane of the future as well as an extreme aerobatic capable vehicle.  The Stingrey features no rudders as it is a flying wing and lifting body.  Yaw axis controls are through spoiler panels and computer 'feathering' of the prop fans on each side.  This enables the sleek saucer-like craft to do 'flat turns' without banking.  The Stingrey has quite a lot of features including a voice system, STOL pods that aim up for short field take-offs, 3 variants from standard Retractable Gear (RG) to Fixed Gear (less expensive, slower, more rugged) FG version, and also the Amphibian model with retractables for both land and water landings.  The soundpack features a wild new sound series for an electric plane.  For more information, you can learn more about the Proton Stingrey here

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