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    Just Planes Norwegian Carribbean Ops


    Publisher: Just Planes

    Description:  Norwegian Carribbean Ops


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter






    + Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing!

    + Detailed Preflight Preparations

    + Crew Briefings

    + Checklists

    + Aircraft Walkaround/ETOPS Check

    + Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

    + Detailed Cockpit Presentation

    + Pilot Presentation

    + Great scenery

    + Beautiful departure & arrival into Boston!

    + Canarsie approach to JFK Airport runway 13L!


    Flight Information


    JFK New York JFK Airport, USA

    FDF Fort de France, MARTINIQUE

    PTP Point A Pitre, GUADELOUPE

    BOS Boston, USA




    Norwegian seems to be an airline with a mission and they have certainly demanded the attention of all with their rapid expansion and top notch service. With this program being the 5th in the Just Planes catalog that features Norwegian, it’s clear that the wonderful staff of this airline is at their core, avid aviation enthusiasts and professionals who are eager to share daily activities of this airline.

    In this program, we will be taking the front seat onboard the 737-800 for a unique journey from Boston to Martinique and then onward to New York, Guadeloupe and then back to Boston. These series of flights focus on the newest and seemingly very popular routes that Norwegian has added to their expanding list of destinations. What are some of the highlights of this program? Well the following comments are a few of my personal highlights that I think everyone might enjoy.

    We begin our flight in the cockpit of the 737-800 at KBOS with our pilots preparing the cockpit for departure. During this time you will have an opportunity to see all of the essential tasks performed by pilots prior to pushback such as performance calculations and FMS setup. After departing to Martinique, our pilots discuss numerous topics for the benefit of the viewers such as route checks, position reporting and arrival briefings. From a visual perspective, numerous cameras perfectly captured very moment of our flight which culminated in a lovely sunset over the Caribbean and an uneventful night time landing at FOF.

    Prior to our departure to JFK, this program features a unique segment that follows Norwegian’s own maintenance technician as he powers up an aircraft that is scheduled to depart. In addition to powering up and checking the aircraft, he also walks us through the process of refueling the aircraft. As an added bonus, viewers are also taken on a short ride onboard the pushback truck which is a perspective that is seldom seen.  While the aircraft that is being prepared for departure is not our aircraft to JFK, this segment gives us a glimpse of some of the activities that take place behind the scenes as an aircraft is prepared for its first flight of the day.

    The next segment of this program takes us to the crew room at FOF where our pilots review their ETOPS flightplan to JFK. Once this is completed and the cockpit and aircraft has been prepared, we depart from FOF on a 4 hour flight which proved to be one of the most insightful segments of this program. For example, during our flight, viewers will enjoy the cockpit presentation on the 737-800 and an insightful discussion with our pilots on their career history. From these examples, you will see that being a pilot isn’t just a dream. It can be achieved be anyone who is determined to do so. The final highlight of this flight features the famous Canarsie approach to runway 13L at JFK. What makes this approach so famous? Well it is an approach to the runway that uses lighting on the ground that points the aircraft to the runway from a far distance. In addition, this approach features a sharp right turn to final which is always an exciting moment for the pilot flying.

    The final segments of this program take us from JFK to Guadeloupe and then on to Boston. Some of my favorite moments were the takeoff from 31L and the famous sharp left turn over Jamaica Bay, Explanation of Oceanic procedures, Weather deviation and an amazing sunset arrival at Guadeloupe. On our flight back to Boston, it was quite apparent that we were in for an interesting ride after departing Guadeloupe with some of the worst tropical weather conditions one can imagine. This continued for a small duration of the flight with the crew having to prepare themselves for a deviation of track or climbing over the weather. Once the worst was over, it was all smooth “sailing” all the way to Boston with an uneventful landing at Logan International Airport.  Ultimately this program provides just over 4 hours of insightful and entertaining moments that aviation enthusiast will treasure for years to come. The professionalism of the flight crew is clearly showcased throughout this program and it seems like they honestly enjoy their job and working for this great airline. If you are a fan of the 737 and you are interested in the operations of Norwegian, this is certainly a program worth having.


    Video Preview



    Just Planes Norwegian Carribbean Ops Product Page.




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