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  1. brandon

    Simmers in San Diego

    I'll try to check BB in El Cajon since I will be there tomorrow.I checked Murrieta a few days ago but did not see it.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I will stop at Best Buy this evening to see if they have it.
  3. Verizon FiOS is very fast and has big time bandwidth. I have the service and love it. Multi-gigabyte file are no match for FiOS :-)>wow 2 1/2 hours on DSl..I have 6MB cable and about 30 minutes>into the download and approx 7 GB to go it was telling me 2>1/2 hours so that would clock me at 3 hours...thats some>pretty darn fast DSL you got there. My d/l speed is clocking>around 500-800Kb a sec.
  4. brandon

    FSX Demo rip-off

    Ripped off? Everything was free... I am confused. I clicked a link on Microsoft, was prompted to download and 15 minutes later I was installing FSX Demo. I didn't pay 1 cent.
  5. 1.2 MB/sec here. Download is done...took less than 15 mins. Gotta love FiOS :-)Again thanks a ton for posting that link!
  6. Nice!! That download is super fast. The other one tanked on me. I just started this 3 mins ago and it's already almost 50% done.
  7. Thx for the mirror. 6:11 PDT, the servers are maxed out but I was able to get into one! I am user 947 out of 950 LOL! 260 KB/sec... not the best speed but amazing considering there are 950 other downloads going from that machine.
  8. brandon

    Good News for AI Traffic!!!

    That is awesome!Look at their title bar. It says "Realistic AI-Traffic for Flight Simulator FSX/2004"
  9. brandon

    Simflyers out of business?

    Glad to hear SimFlyers is still around. I do not like what I saw in the forum, especially someone posting under my name. I hope that is dealt with!
  10. oh my god that is amazing!!! Love those reflections!
  11. Today is April 1st. I hope it's just a joke, but if not it will truely be a sad day for the FS community.
  12. Cool link. It's been a while since I've decoded ACARS.Another fun one to decode is HFDL (HF ACARS).
  13. brandon

    Ultimate Terrain....Wow!

    Wow this looks awesome!
  14. brandon

    Can't rename FS2004 folder

    Make sure you don't have any programs running that are in your FS folder. For example, ActiveSky or any image tool. You may also need to restart and do it from safe mode if you still have problems.
  15. brandon

    New FS2004 Traffic?

    I had often wondered if someone would be able to take real time data and convert it into FS flightplans. Now it's a reality :-OIf only this had international flights, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think I will wait for the price to come down. Very sweet idea though!!