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  1. Pretty much the same answers as the post before mine. VoxATC X uses it's own traffic using AI traffic models you have. There is an option in Vox to shut off traffic, but you the instructions say to disable the AI built into FSX before you start Vox. I don't know what will happen if you run Vox with default AI. I do know that you will have traffic conflicts while taxing doing pattern work. The Vox traffic really isn't that bad. Although I understand the work you put into having realistic traffic in your sim. The only real issue I have had with Vox AI traffic is while I'm parked at the airport, running though my checklists before I taxi, sometimes Vox decides that it want to place an AI plane in the same spot that I'm sitting. I crash and have to reset the flight. I've been avoiding it but taxing off to the side of the parking space before I run the checklists.VoxATC X is an awesome program. I can't believe more people don't use it. Completely changed the way I sim. Between the TrackIR, real weather, realistic aircraft and VoxATC, my desktop flying is at a whole new level. I really enjoy it.
  2. OH! LoL...guess I should read the directions, huh? :)Thanks for the assistance!
  3. Well, I messed with it more last night and eventually got it working correctly. Seems, that I need to know what to say since it isn't telling me what to say. When I ask for a "radio check" (all it says in the window radio check, doesn't tell me exactly what to say) I need to say:Hutchinson ground, J3 NC11783 radio check 121.9erIt didn't tell me to say that (I'm a real pilot, but haven't done a radio check in a couple of years). Once I did that, everything seemed to work okay.
  4. well, what is strange is that if I load a flight plan, then VoxATC works 99% of the time. It doesn't have a problem recognizing my voice. It is just when I don't have a flight plan that it won't allow me to do much.Thanks for the suggestions though. I think I'm going to experiment a little more.
  5. It wasn't prompting me with anything. After I tuned to Hutchinson Ground (121.90), the window gave me 3 choices:"Taxi for Local VFR""Taxi for Pattern""Radio Check"or something like that. I might have the phrasing wrong this morning (it was a couple of days ago). But no matter what I said, all I could get was "Last Aircraft say again"I just thought of somethings, maybe I should have tuned ATIS before I went to ground. It never told me to tune atis, but I figured it was because I didn't have a flight plan. If you want to try it, I was parked at Small GA 3 at KHUT, no flight plan, just wanted a local flight around the area. I was in the J-3 Cub (default FSX)
  6. for whatever reason, I couldn't get VoxATC X working last night without a flight plan loaded. I wanted to cruise around in the Cub. VoxATC told me to tune Hutchinson Ground on 121.9, I did, and then it gave me the "Taxi to stay in pattern", "Local VFR" and "Radio Check". No matter what I said on the radio, all I would get was "Last aircraft, repeat"...or something like that. I tried the help menu in Vox (just calling ground, not Hutchinson Ground", I tried calling myself "Piper", just my N number, Cub, Piper Cub, Piper Cub J3 and everything else i could think of. I never got Vox to recongize me. Is this a known problem with Vox or were things just not working well? I have done all of the training I can. Flight plan, general, training with the PC stuff...everything.Also, are there other forums on the web that might get a little more Vox traffic besides this one or do people just not know about this program?
  7. ....and, VoxATC X has pretty much changed the way I sim. Wonderful program. I don't even mine the robotic voices sometimes (I have a couple of other high quality voices that came with another program I have installed) It is pretty darn close to real world ATC with just a couple of different procedures. Flying closed traffic at an airport seems a little goofy to me. The controller won't talk to you until you speak to him first, tell him where you are at and what you want to do. Even though he already cleared you for touch and go's. Anyway, not that much of an issue as I can still use the default ATC. I do like the local VFR flight option though since that is 99% of my real world flying....sorry, I'm rambling....I just really like where this program has taking my "simming"...
  8. ......to enjoy simming with FSX. I don't have a high spec machine at all (2.8 ghz, 2 gig ram, 8600 GTS 512 vid card, dual 19 in monitors. With my settings, I'm getting about 15-22 fps around the flats of Kansas and around some of the bigger cities in the area. Last night I went nuts and bought VoxATC for FSX. I hold a PPL and the default ATC in FS worked, but I didn't like looking and and hitting the proper buttons. It would mess up my TrackIR and make me dizzy.. :-) I must say, VoxATC is a wonderful program. It isn't perfect, but for the type of flying that I do, it is great. Local VFR flights in class C/D airspace, non towered airports, etc, emulates real world ATC. I had a couple of "professional" voices already installed on my PC from another program and they work pretty nicely with VoxATC. I still have some of the robotic voices, but I'm more interested in ATC procedure then voice tones....anyway. I took a short flight from KHUT to KSLN, contacted FSS, had flight following, was handed off, pretuned my frequencies, followed my sectional and generally accomplished the flight just like I would in my real Cessna 172....and I owe it all to FSX, NaturalPoint and VoxATC. This is the first time in quite awhile that I really enjoyed myself flying my computer around the den... :) :)Didn't have anything to say really. Just wanted to share.
  9. Okay, so I just watched the little video that came with this months Computer Pilot magazine. The two pilots were flying a Boeing 737 and were using voice commands to work with the ATC. That looked cool. I also just got done with a real world flight from Ponca City, OK to my home airport in Hutchinson, KS. I'm a new pilot and haven't "experienced" a lot of the busy airspace ATC stuff around Wichita. Basically, I'd like to practice some of the more complex ATC things with my simulator. So, I have FS9 that runs pretty good on this PC and I have FSX. FSX runs okay since I'm mostly a low and slow kind of guy. With my current settings, I get around 20-25 fps in FSX. Would VoxATC X slow me down much? Would I be better off getting the FS9 version? What is the consensus on this add-on. Worth it or not? What I'm trying to do is simulate my real world flights as accurately as I can on the PC. Voice ATC would go a long way in that.Thanks for any advice.
  10. >I have found that I am adjusting the flight settings using>the mouse cursor so, it makes perfect sense to utilize the>'Mouse Three' button (By clicking down on the mouse wheel) for>my pausing.>>Hope this helps you guys?ooooo...good idea. Going to try that tonight. Makes sense. Thanks!
  11. That is exactly what I did. Assign a yoke button to turn off TrackIR. Like the other reply mentioned, it makes it easier to punch the buttons while head down in the cockpit and nicer to pan around when in the spot view.
  12. ....well enough to play anyway. Added another gig of ram and replaced my 6600GT 128 card with a 7600GS 512 meg card. Played for several hours last night "tweaking" everything and never had a computer crash. So, FSX is now stable enough for me to try some flights. Because I was/am still using FS9, I haven't been paying much attention to worthwhile addons for FSX. I'm thinking mostly sim performance oriented addons such as better clouds, different textures, replacement autogen stuff that might give me a little bit better frame rate. With my current setup (P4 2.8, 1 gig ram, 7600 GS) and running at 1280x1024, I get about 15-25 fps at my current settings, which is okay I suppose, but I have sliders turned down pretty low. Any textures I can install that would allow me to turn some sliders up and maintain my frames?
  13. that is pretty funny. I haven't walked out the door yet with my clip on, but I know that the day is coming...:)If ONLY I could land the real Skyhawk as well I can land my simulated one...lolI can only dream of getting 50 hours a month of real fly time. I'm closer to 3 or 4 hours a month. Matter of fact, I haven't flown in about 6 weeks!Dondo
  14. Thanks!Not sure how to use it, but I'll figure it out I suppose...:)
  15. thanks for the reply. Can you share TrackIR setups? If so, might I ask for a copy of yours? I'd like to see the difference between my settings and yours.mtbiker70 at yahoo.comexcept change the yahoo to gmail
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