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  1. >Yes, I agree. Dare I say it was too fast?? The best sound>sample of all was the Cessna (3rd sample) WAV. Very good>speed and easy to understand.That sounds like a Scottish accent, possibly North-East Aberdeen area.........Hey Wait, it's my voice !!!!!! ;)
  2. Hello again John,Nice shots and even better frames :)What Corsair Memory are you using? I have the PC6400 2x 1GB CL4 or rather I did have until one of the DIMM's died on me, currently back at Dabs on an RMA awaiting warranty replacement :(I'll try your settings when I get the new machine back up and running!
  3. Cheers for that John, will be interested to hear your results.
  4. Hi John,Are you getting 3GHZ on that E6600 CPU with stock cooling?I have mine currently at 2.8GHZ, I'm scared to push it much further !!!
  5. Me thinks of two words here.....April and Fool :-lol
  6. Yes Tampa is a nice Airport, Have been twice, with BA in 2000 and United in 2003 and will be flying there this November with BA again.
  7. This photo was taken by my wife in June 2004 as she was over in Tampa on a conference.The Aircraft is G-VIIO and at this point is heading for Gate 99 (I think!) Airside F.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111540.jpg
  8. Getting ready to depart from Las Vegas McCarran in November 2003.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111360.jpg
  9. Being loaded up at Chicago O Hare in November 2003.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111297.jpg
  10. Regan,It is now in the file library.http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=64193
  11. BA Utopia with Benyhone tartan of course :)
  12. Thanks for all the Info Speight and Vrandar,What a wealth of info you 2 guys have !!!Keep up the good work :-beerchug
  13. The Apollo 13 soundtrack is awesome :)Bill
  14. Hi Jim, I have AA set at 4x and AF at 8x in performance mode, Texture preference and Mipmap detail level is full right, Vertical Sync is application preference and Truform is off. I run FS2004 at 1280x1024 70Hz (Can't get 1600x1200 on this flatscreen monitor)Fs2004 settings, Terrain mesh is 100, Texture size is high, Terrain detail is Land only and water effects is high. Special effects detail is high, Scenery complexity is full right, Autogen is normal, Dynamic scenery and ground shadows are off, Sun glare and lens flare are on.The only thing I have off in Aircraft tab is Reflections, Weather set distance is 60, cloud draw is 60, everything else 100% detailed clouds.Hardware tab, Frame rate limiter set at 25, AA unchecked, Mip mapping at 4, Hardware lights at 8, Bilinear Filtering and Globel texture settings massive.Likewise when water comes into display thats when the frames drop to single digit in current setting above.Hope we can get to the root of the problem, mabye its an ATI driver thing :-hmmm I am also going to buy a new Graphic card this year, I'm going over to Florida on vacation in November so the X800 XT or 6800 Ultra could be on the shopping list, mabye even a PCI express one !!Cheers :-beerchugBill
  15. I put in the new textures as per instructions but it brings the sim to it's knees!If I switch it off frame rates return to normal.Any ideas :-hmmm Bill :-beerchug
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