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  1. Can somebody help me with what these sets of numbers mean. I understand fuel type and center 1, 2, etc. It's the five set of numbers separated by commas I would like more info on. I believe the forth set affects fuel quanity. I am most interested in adjusting rate of consumption and what tanks burn off first. thanks, Stevefuel_type = 2number_of_tank_selectors = 1electric_pump = 1Center1 = 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 2700.000, 0.000Center2 = 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 2050.000, 0.000LeftMain = 0.000, -8.000, 0.000, 600.000, 1.500RightMain = 0.000, 8.000, 0.000, 600.000, 1.500
  2. There are many outstanding aircraft for FS9 that when installed to FSX lose many of the versions the aircraft had in FS9. Some if install to the aircraft folder show and others will not show up unless installed to the simobjectsairplane folder. Even then many of the modeled version of that plane are missing. Any ideas?
  3. I have updated my panel to work with both FS9 and FSX for Mike Sone's F-111 aircraft. You can download it here at AVSIM or at my website
  4. I have updated my panel to work with both FS9 and FSX for Mike Sone's F-111 aircraft. You can download it here at AVSIM or at my website
  5. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:
  6. I am running both FS9 and FSX. I have set up two monitors using a Nvidia XFX 7800 video card. FSX runs fine, In fact FSX is dual monitor friendly. It's just a drag and drop to move the GPS, radio, and other windows to the second monitor. The problem is if the two monitor desktop is running, FS9 does not display the aircraft in the preview window. If I turn off the dual monitors it works fine. I don't really want to keep change my Nvidia setup every time I want descent frame rates and fire up FS9. Thanks
  7. Steve Hess

    Info Needed

    I did not install my FSX to the default dir. For other reasons I now need to know the default path for FSX installation. Thanks for your help
  8. Steve Hess

    dll.xml problem

    At the moment all it says is:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>Launchdll.xmlFalseFalseFSUIPC 4FalseModulesFSUIPC4.dll
  9. Steve Hess

    dll.xml problem

    Yes I re-installed FSUIPC4. I just deleted dll.xml and re-installed FSUIPC4 again. It now works. I will keep trying the other program. Thanks
  10. Steve Hess

    dll.xml problem

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>Launchdll.xmlFalseFalseObject Placement ToolFalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKMission Creation Kitobject_placement.dllTraffic ToolboxfalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitTraffic Toolbox SDKtraffictoolbox.dllVisual Effects ToolfalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitSpecial Effects SDKvisualfxtool.dllFSUIPC 4FalseModulesFSUIPC4.dllThanks
  11. Steve Hess

    dll.xml problem

    I can not seem to get FXS to find the dll.xml file and load the scenery object placer or the FSUIPC4 programs. The file is in the correct directory - C:Documents and SettingsxxxxxxxxApplication DataMicrosoftFSX. I have FSX installed to my c:games directory. I did have the FSUIPC4 on the menu, but something happens shortly thereafter to cause FXS not to display add-on aircraft in the select menu where you see a 360* view. After uninstalling FXS and reinstalling it several times (once no AI could be seen and once I installed it to the default directory) before it would work. Quit frustrating to say the least. If anyone has some good ideas I would be forever grateful, thanks
  12. Steve Hess

    Aircraft Menu

    Does anyone hate the FSX aircraft select menu as much as I do?
  13. Steve Hess

    Non FSX aircraft landing lights!

    I agree and am quite frustrated with a lot of other add on aircraft issues, mostly the lack of usable gauges on some very fine planes.
  14. I know it's easy to sit here with no programing ability and say I want this, but here goes. I would like to suggest a utility that when you add an aircraft and select it in the menu would allow you to generate a thumbnail for it in the menu. Thanks
  15. Most of the gauges I used for my Alphasim F111 and Mike Stone F111 cockpit for FS9. I am interested in military panels and most of the gauges I used won't work in FSX. They are the best quality gauges I could find. If I had to pick one or two of the gauges they would be the ADI and STBY ADI and the HSI gauges. These were my first panels for MSFS because I was an avionics tech on the FB111A in the USAF. If you want to take a look you can download them from AVSIM or my website. Thanks for asking.