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  1. Yeh, where is it? I even did a search for it with no success!
  2. I had the 7300 GT card and FSX ran like crap! I couldn't get above single digit fps anywhere. I replaced it with a 8800 and I now get great fps everywhere.
  3. Is it possible to purchase O&O Defrag version 8.5? All I see on their site is Version 10.0 and I don't really want the newer version since it appears to have some issues that haven't been resolved. I'm presently using the trial version 8.5 and I would like to continue with that version.
  4. Just wanted to report in on the results of my complete tweaks + O&O defrag. I couldn't be happier. My framerates doubled! I've been able to move sliders to the right and still maintain great fps with better visuals. I now get over 25-30 fps in "normal" scenery areas and 12-20 fps in dense areas. Thanks for the great tutorial, Nick.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I did the tweaks "to the letter". I just didn't do the O&O defrag.
  6. Is there a way in FSX to make the ATC window close automatically when there are no options available like it did in FS9? I like the window to open automatically when there is a message for me, but I don't like haveing to manuually close it after I've completed the controller's directions.
  7. Ok, so I have a Dell and I KNOW that I have XP SP2 installed, so I'm going to give the O&O defrag a try. One more question, I already did the tweaks part and followed up with a widnows defrag. Do I have to start the process from the beginning and redo all the tweaks or can I just do the O&O defrag?
  8. I had the same problem with the Tools menu not showing up. I thought perhaps it was because I had installed FSX in a different directory than the default, so I uninstalled the whole thing and reinstalled it to the default directory, added SP1 & SP2 along with the corresponding SDK upgrades, made the necessary changes to the dll.xml file and fired up the game. The Tools option now showed in the menu! I don't know if it was the reinstall or the change to the default directory that made the difference.
  9. >>Requires XP and if you are on a older Dell computer I would>not use the defrag or the registry edits.. It's the old Dell>WindowsXp SP1 install disks that can be a problem and can>force the defrag to damage the Windows install. >>As long as your XP install disk is XP SP2, your good to go.>But remember.. it is "use at your own risk" none the less.>>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=436619&page=>>and its highly recommended for maximum system performance.I have a Dell computer with XP SP2 and I tried the tweaks and it didn't make a bit of difference in my FSX. In fact, I believe it runs a little slower. I only did the tweaks because you advised not doing the defrag on Dell systems. I am a litle confused on this point because in one post you say not to do the defrag on Dell systems and in this post you say "as long as you XP2 install disk is XP SP2, your good to go" Since I have a Dell with the SP2 version of XP, can I use the O&O Defrag or will it make my system go bonkers?
  10. I have the same system you do and I upgraded the video card to the 8800 and I have great performance in FS9 which is fully loaded with AI traffic and just about any other addon you can think of. I have all FS9 sliders maxed and even at JFK I can get 20 fps. Pre-8800, I would get about 8-9 fps. FSX is kind of OK. If I don't add a lot of AI traffic, I can get around 15 fps. If I run everything at Ultra High settings, I can still get 12-15 fps except around dense airports like JFK, LAX, and ATL, then it drops to 5-6 fps.In all, I'm happy that I upgraded my card. All I was looking for was a little better performance without having to bear the expense of completely replacing my whole rig and that's what I achieved.
  11. Yes, I have both SP's installed and although they did improve performance in FSX, it still just creeps along, the AI jerking along the taxiways. And if I have to alter the AI aircraft to increase framerates at the cost of losing the "improvements" FSX introduced, don't I just have another version of FS9 that still doesn't come up to the performance standards that the original FS9 has?What I'm saying is that FSX has a lot of "nice" new visual improvements, like the moving highway traffic, airport traffic and moving gates, and the first time I flew FSX, I was impressed with this eye candy. But when I flew into a densely populated airport and experienced the extremely low framerates, I was disappointed. My FS9 is loaded to the hilt with scenery, aircraft, ai flightplans and just about everything I could stuff into the simulation, and it still runs smooth at >30 fps in most areas with all sliders maxed. FSX, on the other hand is running vanilla with only the SP's and a few AFCAD's and just plugs along. If I want to see any decent fsp, I have to fly in unpopulated areas or push the sliders back and hide all the new eye candy so there's no hit on framerates. And why should I have to push the sliders back? I paid for those "improvements" so why can't I enjoy them without sacrificing performance?I'd like to know what kind of system Microsoft used in the development of FSX when there isn't an affordable system today that will run it with all the sliders maxed. I will probably keep FSX on my system but I won't fly it often. FS9 will still by my main filght simulation. Maybe in 5 or 10 years there will be an affordable system capable of running FSX and then I'll pull it out of mothballs and give it a another try.
  12. It's not that I can't use custom traffic in FSX, the point is that even with only default traffic set at 20%, I can't get near as good the performance I can get with FS9 with custom traffic set at 100%. And a KJFK is Kennedy International Airport in New York, New York, USA, one of the busiest airports in the world. I can't believe anyone who is even remotely familiar with flying doesn't know KJFK.
  13. I've had FSX since it was first released and I tried it a few times, but I kept going back to FS9. Recently I returned to FSX since I had an upgrade on my PC hoping for better performance. I did get better performance, but still nowhere as good as FS9. FSX has a lot of eye candy, but I just don't know if all that eye candy is worth giving up 20 fps at KJFK with all sliders maxed out and extremely dense custom AI traffic for 3.0 fps with mediocre settings at the same airport with default AI traffic. Somehow I just don't think it's worth it. Any thoughts???
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