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    Travelling around this huge Aussie continent, in our self converted bus/motor-home and of course, using my MS FSX.

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  1. My sincere apologies for jumping in to this thread David, but I was hoping to repy to your post, before you closed down that thread, started by a virus scaremonger.My tip for him was going to be, "If it's bugging you, try this." (see attached gif)But your solution David was better anyway.
  2. Palebushman

    Addon Aircraft cost more then sim....

    IMHO, the developers who produce any addons that enhance the performance of any MSFS in particular FSX, deserve full kudos for their products, and every penny they ask for them. How about trying ones navigational skills with this little gem:- FREE but not as easy as it may first appear.:-cool
  3. Hiya Jourdog,I had a feeling it was too good to be true, maybe later on this year we will see a major innovation in graphics cards and, maybe AMD has something extraordinary hidden up it's sleeve, that will make up for it's lagging behind Intel for so long.:-sun1
  4. :-cool Now; is this the ideal motherboard for FSX that we all need?:-badteeth The Damien Hirst comment refers to this thing:-
  5. Hi Noel,All depends on what you want from your computers HDD's performance potential. Personally I like my XP Pro to perform like a Ferrari, feel like a Maybach and respond like an F18. And to achieve all three of those exquisite pleasures, I invested in the all new PerfectDisk 2008 from Raxco.My awesome XP Pro didn't come free, so I have no problem with paying good money to have a superb program, like PerfectDisk 8,keeping it like it was when I first installed it........ FAST, BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING.The after sales service and support from the Raxco team is also, second to none in this field of applications.
  6. Palebushman

    Challenging/Interesting Approaches

    "I'm on the hunt for approaches and landings that can be considered "interesting" or "demanding"." This latest approach warning to LHR, should not be ignored if flying a 737-800 from the far east, so I'm informed.
  7. Palebushman

    i need help

    Hi killbox.To get any help with your problem from a brilliant community of guys in this forum, I think it may be better if you could provide some more info about your computer first. Something similar to what I have below my signature should suffice.
  8. Palebushman

    Move FSX to Another Drive?

    Save yourself an awful lot of hassles and follow Bryan's (byork) first line of advice. Some say that my HDD configurations below are a bit extreme, but FSX runs like a dream for me.
  9. Palebushman

    Fantastic shots - FTX for FSX!

    :-kewl Patiently waiting for our Queensland scenery from Orbx and if the above is anything to go on, it will be BONZA!!! :-cool
  10. Palebushman

    Eaglesoft cj2 or beechjet 400A?

    >I want to buy one of these business jets, which one has>better systems modeling? >AndrewThe only thing with Eaglesoft aircraft Andrew, is that they tend to keep your hands locked to your yoke and your eyes glued to the screen.Their attention to realism makes their products awesome and worth every cent you invest with them.Since purchasing their two aircraft listed below, I have spent so much more enjoyable time on my FSX, that I just had to take a break and come back here to see if fellow AVSIM members were having the same experiences.Don't see any of them on here at the moment, so I guess they are at their Eaglesoft controls, which is where I'm back off to now as well.I'm certain that you will be more than happy with an Eaglesoft aircraft Andrew.
  11. Had thoughts pretty much the same as yours Craig, but after much research on AVSIM, it seems that throwing all the latest hardware at FSX does not make for a near perfect experience. I upgraded my rig to the specs in my signature below and FSX now runs fine for me. It's not perfect, but given the inherent software anomalies, it's acceptable until the arrival of FS XI proves to be better.Although I do suspect that most of the new success with FSX has to do with the new CLEAN install of software, rather than most of the new installed hardware.
  12. Palebushman

    SP-2 Casulties

    >Bill, thanks for replying. I have looked in Add/Remove' but>can't find it? Can you tell me what title it comes up by>please?>>Edit; found it thanksHi Dave,If you have problems in future, with finding hidden installations or remnants thereof in Windows 'Add And Remove' folder.Download and try this set of awesome tools. is not a 'Crippled' trial version, which means it does all the same actions as my paid up version does, albeit for only 30 days.
  13. Palebushman

    FSX Performance

    Yup, I'll second that Rhett.Some may say that the way I have my system is a bit excessive, but the OS on HDD 1, FSX on HDD 2 & Page Files on HDD 3 works the best for me so far. Needless to say that PerfectDisk 8 and its 'Smart Placement' technology, also goes a long way to help with performance.By the way, Happy New Year to you and your loved one too.
  14. Be patient with your thread Henry,I'm sure someone who has a Vista OS will come to your aid soon.My FSX runs on the XP Pro OS, so I cannot help you any further.If no one shows up with a solution, try dropping Debby a line atdebby@mail.chproducts.comDave.
  15. Palebushman

    Phil Taylor, Please Check Private Mail

    Happy New Year Mike,I'm sure that you must know Phil's suggestion of the 'Peace Pipe' was just a figure of speech.But I would also like to say that I really do admire you, and all those who have followed you in this thread, by giving up, what was always considered a pleasure to those of us who indulged.The method I chose was suggested by a wonderful old man, who sadly departed us by no less than old age, but his advice cured me.Look at the end of a cigarette as if you were looking down the end of a menacing gun barrel Dave. If you enjoy Russian roulette, carry on.I'm sure glad I stopped playing that silly game after he told me that. :-badteeth No more.