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  1. Hi Alex,The Flight One/Aeroworx King Air B200 is available on CD:http://secure.simmarket.com/product_info.p...roducts_id=1712Alastair
  2. Also note that the Trimotor has a ceiling of 18,500ft / 5,538m and that the Andes have many peaks higher than this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Trimotorhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AndesAconcagua, 6,962 m *Cerro Bonete, 6,759 m (not 6,872 m) *Gal
  3. Clearly you have FSX installed, and have at least some aircraft installed.If you look at the directory structure within FSX, can you tell us which folder your aircraft are stored in, if not Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes ?Its just possible that with a Vista system these folders are "hidden" and you may need to change your system settings to display hidden folders.Cheers,Alastair
  4. The root of the problem is that each aircraft profile in FSNavigator only has a single Climb Rate / Descent Rate value, and, as has been mentioned above, towards the top of the aircraft's achievable altitude the climb rate has to be reduced, often to a small value. In many cases the aircraft altitude "ceiling" is defined by a climb rate of 50 feet per second or less. The value set in FSNavigator has to be some sort of compromise, as you can usually climb faster than the set value at lower altitude and need to climb slower than the value towards the aircraft's ceiling. In prop planes you also need to consider leaning the mixture if it isn't turbocharged etc.At the higher altitudes you have to trade climb rate for airspeed, and what you're seeing when the planes stall is the autopilot (FSNavigator) attempting to maintain the set climb rate and thus slowly bleeding off the airspeed until you reach stalling speed.Within FSNavigator you have the option of allowing it to act as a full autopilot (all parameters set to automatic) through to full manual control where FSNavigator does not control the plane but simply acts as a moving map.In the case of the C206 you may be better off setting the options mostly to manual and maybe only fixing the desired altitude, then controlling climb rate and airspeed manually by use of the throttle and/or trim.Alastair
  5. If the Passenger View is a separate Window in the panel.cfg then you should be able to un-dock it and move it to the second monitor.Alastair
  6. Hi Stan,Glad you have the "problem" sorted ! Perhaps we should all be more aware of the various "V-Speeds" in the future.Cheers,Alastair
  7. Hi Stan,How are you starting FS2004 ? Is it with the default Cessna or are you using a custom start-up plane ? Using the default Cessna will guarantee the most likely trouble-free start-up.Alastair
  8. Attached is my aircraft.cfg file, which does work for all my repaints, and includes all the recent fixes.Just remove the references for the liveries you don't have.Alastair
  9. There is an extensive thread over at the Sim Outhouse that makes a number of suggestions.Personally I have all my 25-or-so liveries from the FS2002 original visible in the Mark 2.http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?t=45246Alastair
  10. Hi Chuck,I'll assume that you mean that you have a GE Pro folder that is 3.8Gb rather than any single file ! My Texture Sets folder is a similar 3.3GbAs for defragging, I use Diskeeper 10 Home, which continually monitors and defrags "on the fly" so there is never much defragmentation and each pass on my ~ 125Gb FS2004 drive only takes a minute or so, even after an installation of a new GE Pro texture set.Details here. This is for the slightly more up to date version, Diskeeper 2007:http://www.diskeeper.com/diskeeper/home/di...dnm4555vkj3hb45Alastair
  11. Hi Chuck,Sorry - I missed you stating that you had GE Pro already.No need to reinstall GE Pro, as the next time you use it it will write another set of textures to FS2004.I suspect that your "loading up in squares" is nothing to to do with UT or the FSGenesis mesh, as the textures and FSGenesis Landclass layer should be independant of whether you have UT installed or not.However using UT will have renamed large numbers of files a couple of times as they were first deactivated then reactivated on uninstallation of UT, and possibly have become fragmented. Try defragmenting the drive and see if the problem clears up. Similarly, installing the set of GE Pro textures will replace a large number of default texture files, which will definitely cause fragmentation.Alastair
  12. Hi Chuck,If you're looking for "visual improvement" then take a look at GE Pro. This replaces the default FS2004 textures with better ones. It can additionally match the colouration of these textures to the degree of cloud cover using separate texture sets, but even if you only ever use one set its still an improvement. As the default textures are replaced the changes are global. However it won't affect which textures FS2004 chooses to apply (in terms of whether its desert, woodland, urban etc.) For this you will need upgraded Landclass scenery to better define what is placed where. For the USA, this can be done with the FSGenesis Landclass package. Elsewhere, there are many landclass packs available in the main libraries.Alastair
  13. Hi Zach,In a word, yes.The Megascenery packs are all very good, but only cover small areas. UT-USA covers the whole of the US in roads, rivers, corrected waterways etc., and coupled with FSGenesis mesh makes the USA truly spectacular.Bottom line, buy it, try it, and, if you don't like the results, get a refund.Alastair
  14. Quote:Hi Jerry,As for the B-25 Mitchell there is a payware version at the link below:http://www.maam.org/php/xcart/MAAM-SIM-Nor...04-p-16134.htmlDo check for reviews on this product as I am unsure of it's quality or better yet ask on the forum, there are plenty of us here that want to help.Along with the MAAM-Sim DC3/C-47/R4D the B-25 "Briefing Time" is one of the all-time great sim addons.If you want to see what extra liveries are available, see here:http://www.maam.org/flightsim/enhance/enha...N%20DEMMELMEIERhttp://www.maam.org/flightsim/enhance/b25_enhance.htmAlastair
  15. I have to agree with Sven - unless you have a new PC with relatively little on it reformatting is the last resort. Assuming that you still have the "Repair" CD that came with the PC (few ship these days with a full WinXP CD) you will have to completely reinstall everything. In my case this would be at least a week's work, and after some 4+ years my FS2004 has been so customized I could never reproduce it as it is.If you are having FS problems it would be far better to check that you have everything you need to reinstall, then uninstall FS2004, reboot, remove any remaining files in the folder (or move them somewhere else), reinstall FS2004, install the Service Pack, and then rebuild from there. If you're having problems with CD #4 it could be a drive problem or a corrupt/dirty CD. Practically, you may want to consider getting another copy of FS2004 (cheap now and still available at present)If your PC has "lost" the location of FS2004, Flight1 does have a registry Repair utility.Alastair
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