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  1. dmaher

    What is Prepar3D?

    This isn't really true either, in that all these products FSX, ESP, FS11, Flight, and Prepar3D originate from the same core. But as you say, what is exciting about Prepar3D is that it has new work that expands on and refines ESP.
  2. dmaher

    What is Prepar3D?

    The difference between a tool and a toy is how you use it....right?If you are using FSX as a tool, for instance for GA training, then it's not a game.ESP wasn't a game and neither is Prepar3D, only because training is the intended use.The real difference is the EULA allows it.You can certainly use either as a game - for entertainment.The difference has nothing to do with software...for the most part they are all identical.If you’re using a simulator outside of a structured training environment then your using a game.
  3. As far as I know SB is freeware by constitution, so I think the next SB effort would also need to be voluntary. +1...I think Joel's wife and kids and new company would agree too :smile:FYI Joel's the guy with the flowchart and the shotgun. another
  4. I don't think this is a download problem :( It's a general sim problem that's been discussed here a lot.I'd try searching the AVSIM forum, or maybe someone can describe the solution. :(
  5. I haven’t had to do this, but I like #1 – efficient and clever.Option 2 means lots of data and draws.It might be a good place to try a macro of some sort.I think “Goto label” (g4 and :4 ) might even provide a simple loop to draw each line segment.You could send dash length, space length, and total length as macro arguments.It’s an expensive way to draw a dashed lines though.
  6. dmaher

    Conveyer Belt Takeoff- Mythbusters jumps in!!!

    Put my money on Yes it will!
  7. edit...on second thought I'll stay out of the conversation. respect...
  8. dmaher

    Any Canadians going to FANCON 07?

    I'll be there...and I'm Canadian!I'm pretty easy to spot after the scheduled events...I like a nightcap on vacation. Of course I don
  9. dmaher

    consumer VR goggles

    Check out this video at Gizmodo."Dude, that's pretty cool" he says...a pretty good testimonial, right? :) I'm really looking forward to trying theses some day.They could really change the sim experience.I like that the first guy has a big cut under his left eye...he probably fell out of his chair doing barrel rolls (-:DannyCZBB
  10. Nice work!...looks much better than the FS9 effect.Danny
  11. dmaher

    Flight1 C421

    Hey Mike, I don't have any insight into this problem, but I'd suggest you also check the Flight1 support forum. This package is pretty old...but still one of my all time favorites...I'm always going back to it.
  12. LOL...sound card. I thought the fuel pump was a more likely culprit. Live and learn:-)DannyCZBB