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  1. Bill, I have not had a chance to thank you for this incredible mod. I am using it in Air Hauler now and I was so excited to see I had an engine fire, I LOVED IT. Yeah, I am now having to be more careful, and that's just the point. I have wished and hoped for years that these Carenado planes would have engine failures so they would feel more real, and you have given us this with the B200. Carenado did a little of this wih the Caravan 2 twin TP, and the Cheyenne II engines would cut out if you left them cranked too long, but to actually see the engine burst in to flames is just too wonderful. Thank you so much. I would love to see this sam mod for other Carenado planes, like the 690 Turbo prop Shrike and the newer Cheyenne III. Man, just imagine it on the two Caravan versions the older with the first and the Cargo master and the newer G1000 model, that would be sweet, and the TBM 850, ooh that one could use this entire mod. But alas, I know you only have one life to live. I just love this darn mod, you have made the B200 a completely new plane and I went on and uninstalled my original (well, just deleted the folder as I knew not to uninstall any of the guages and such) Please figure out a way to live a double life so we could get this same mod on many more of the Carenado planes that need these failures and mods to be more realistic. Thanks again. Please, CARENADO, let Bill show you how he did these and have your folks add this mod to other planes and put out some patches. Your customers would LOVE these mods for their older planes like the TBM, or the Cheyyene III and the 690B, heck, all your turbo props.
  2. Hi Bill, I should have been more specific. I meant seeing -8 engine stuff right here in this thread, not anywhere in my setup. Yes, I already have the new v5 you just sent to me the other day. It's that 690 folder in the panel folder that I copied to the panel folder of the Carenado version, deleted all the xml files in it beside the one for the pitot fix, edited the panel cfg to direct to the new xml file and that's when the engines stopped working just like the modded lite version where installed the full mod V5. So it seems to be something in that Pitot fix XML file that has put a stop to my engines firing unless I load and try to start the other setup. But the carenado version was firing up fine before the pitot fix xml file was installed, now it does what the other lite version, just spools and dies, and keeps looping over and over. I m using fsx acceleration version, maybe that has something to do with it?
  3. Hi Bill. I'm noy able to get the engines to start using the mod. I notice that if I start the original version, (I have your mods in the lite version) that the engines start fine, and if I then switch to the light version in the aircrack menu the mod version will also fire up. Now here's where things got strange. My pitot was not working once I got some altitude in the orig version, of course, your version has a working pitot. So I read the pitot thread here in the forum and saw your instructions. Instead of trying to edit it I just copid the sample file you posted in that thread and then I realized it was the same file already in the mod verion of the panel folder, so I just copied that single file over to the orig panel folder and delted the others inside the folder cause I wasn't sure which mod was causing the engines not to start, but I figured that would have nothing to do with just the Pitot heat mod. I then changed the guage01 line in the panel folder by copying in the one from the moded panel folder, and now the orig version is doing the same thing as the moded version, the engines spool up a bit and then start doing that i a loop over and over but never start. That makes me think it is something in that xml file that makes the pitot hea work that is causing the engines not to start. Strangely, I can start either if I first load the other plane, try to start it, it will fail, then change planes in the choose aircraft menu and when the other plane loads it fires right up, even with the engine switches not turned on. When the new plane loads the engine switches are shut off yet the engines still fire up. So the only changes to the orig version is the addition of that 690b folder in the panel folder and the altered xml file in that folder with that name entered in the panel folder, and that seems to prevent my engines from starting in either version until I load the other plane first, either one, and then loading the other is when the engines fire up. I play airhauler and have the orig version already loaded in the game, and I just load that, engines won't start, then load the moded version and it will fire up and I get to use your moded version with working pitot heat and all, but I wish I could just find out why the moded version won't start to begin with. But at least I do get to use your awesome mode. Any ideas? I also don't understand the -8 and -10 engine things. In the mod you sent me I don't see anywhere you change from one to the other. I know I can just copy the old line back in the panel folder and it will then use the old xml file and location but then my pitot won't work again.
  4. That is one sweet landing. I notice I am not having as much trouble when I only use 2 notches of flaps.
  5. Thanks Bert, I just pasted those in to the cfg. Can't wait to try them.
  6. Thanks guys. I try even slower. Yeah, I am using it for Alaska bush strips, some very short, 2,300 ft and some shorter. I have no care about long strips and can afford to float down them a ways, but ill keep at it. One thing that may be throwing me is that the speed guage has the 50, then 80 marks with no leters for the 60, 70 to 80, I have to try and see the small marks and I may not be seeing them accurately. Thanks. I love this plane and want to use it on my bush strips so I need to get this solved.
  7. More than any of my other planes, I seem to have to drive this PC12 right down to the runway and can't flare and I always end up with either the front wheel hitting first or all 3 together. If I pull back on the yoke then it floats way down the runway and the speed drops very low and I'm afraid it will plop down hard if I do that. In the 1900D, for example, I flare that thing perfect every time. The front just naturally comes up and the main wheels touch so nicely. Same most of the time with the Caravan, and my Twotter. But this plane is just not handling like those and I can't get a nice flare to save my life. I'm looking for some things to try. Is it as simple as just starting early, and start that floating word not allowed even before I reach the runway pulling back on the yoke? I literally feel like I am pointed downward and having to push the nose way down to get the plane down even though I am at around 70 to 75 kts. I have flaps down all the way and I am assuming it would even be worse if I didn't. Any suggestions or pointers? Thanks
  8. I just remember to hit Shift + H to turn it on. Just add that to your check list.
  9. As I get more experienced I am finding I desire engine failures modelled in the pkanes. I can do this myself in Piston aircraft either with realengine program or by just using the detonation onset line in the cfg. But y hese don't work in turboprop planes. I know a few Carenado do torque failure, the twin Caravan, the Cheyenne II, but im wonderibg what other Carenado have over torque failure built in? Does the newer Caravan ex with the G1000?. What about yhe 350i, or the 1900D? Im sure the older C90 and the B200 dont, nor the older Caravan nor the cargomaster. I'm sure the new Cheyenne III does, yhe 406 twon Caravan, and the Cheyenne Ii, that's the only 3 I am definitely sure of. Can other fill me in on more if there are any?
  10. Oh, and just like on the Real Air Dukes they also gave us that rain bead effect on the windshield too. Once Milviz did this baby there was never any need for another developer to make another Caravan C208. Just like they did the Beaver and AS did the Twotter, this was THE DEFINITIVE Caravan C208
  11. Oh my. Flying wild Alaska made the Caravan even more famous. Milviz realized that the only real option Caravan lovers have is the Carenado 2 versions and NONE OF THE SYSTEMS really work. I can crank it 100 percent all the time, no punishment. In my dream Milviz finally was ready to make an awesome C208. They took a cue from Aerosoft Twotter and gave it actual icing. In the Twotter even the windshield will ice over and you have to turn the windshield heat on to even see. They made the engine catch on fire like the Twotter if you mistreated it. They gave us both the G1000 and steam guage panel options for those who like one or the other. They used their new lighting system AND gave us the old, more simple lighting option that doesn't use the lighting xml thing. They gave us cargo in the back and military versions and even an Era Alaska paint. Yep, all the icing stuff actually works, it wasn't a bunch of fake systems. They sold a ton of them because the Caravan is a very beloved plane and the fact that they made it so deep with the engine systems and icing systems, gave us choices like the new lighting program AND the easier old way as well as giving us steam guage AND G1000 panels they were able to charge 60 or 70 dollars for this masterpiece and it became one of their greatest creations. They even gave us a lite version for people who are using weaker computers like Carenado has just done with their newer panes. They thought of every user and every computer out there. What a dream it was.
  12. Yeah, I had read on some forum somewhere with this new Milviz lighting system to check mark Pilot controls all lights, but I tried unchecking it too,neither worked.
  13. I gave up on getting it to work. My friend, as I said, could care less so he isn't going to mess with anything. He just isn't the type to go through any of that when he doesn't night fly anyway. It was like pulling teeth to get him to sit on the phone with me and have him check his Bobcat plane to see if it used the lighting service. I would have bought the Beaver but I am quite happy with my Aerosoft version anyway and if I couldn't get the lights working on his setup then it has to be something not obvious. He must have a conflict somewhere and I have many of the same addons he does. As long as he's happy with his purchase then that's all that matters anyway. It was just the principle of it for me as I hate FSX to stump me on anything. Everything you mentioned to try I had already read on the internet and none of it worked. Maybe I'll give it a shot and buy it sometime in the future when I am sick of my Aerosoft Beaver, but I would have already bought it had Milviz simply kept their light system as it had been. I looked at his 310 lights and can't imagine anything needing to be better than that.
  14. I had lights set to all be controlled by the pilot, so just hitting the L key turns all available lights on, but I also hit the light switches back and forth under the yoke, and also the circuit swtches under the radio on the right, I hit every switch I could hit. No trouble with any planes on his system other than the 2 that use the lighting service, and that loads up and runs in the processes. We both use win 7 and acceleration and both have several of the same addons. I too would probably only fly during tge day 98 percent of the time, my friend is 100 percent day time as he has all that misty fiord Alaska/Canada stuff and flies in the mountains and he is in to it bad, so he is loving the Beaver for that and says he has zero interest in flying at night. He probably would have used that Beaver and Bobcat for years and would have never known the night lights weren't working in the vc. I didn't get to go back over there yesterday, but may go tonight. I can't stand for an fsx problem to defeat me like this. I have always been able to fiddle and experiment and get stuff working, but this problem is a real head scratcher. Im not gonna stop until I figure it out, but I also can't do anything to mess his sim up. There has to be some things I can try without interfering in his flying. If I fix it then I will buy that Beaver for the principle of it, lol
  15. I made sure of that too, i made sure the ua slider all the way down, fsx.exe as admin, even set the lighting service to run as admin. His fsx is installed to basic C:/fsx, so that isn't it. My friend doesn't even care. He doesn't mind me fooling with it to try and fix it, but he could care less. Its definitely that lighting service as I just got off the phone with him and he also has the older Milviz 310 plane. I had him load that up and the night lights work great, but we looked and it doesn't use that lighting service thing. Only his Beaver and Bobcat do. Oh well, I'm always happy with my Aerosoft Beaver, but I would have enjoyed having that Milviz. As long as my friend is happy to fly in daylight I guess that's all that matters for him.
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