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  1. I would love to get this too.jacek757 at verizon.netThanks!!!
  2. I just bought FT 777. It's great:D I really like it. Model and textures are very good (yes;-) repaints are sweet). I was thinking about merge with PSS panel, but autothrottle doesn't work. FT panel is good enough for me so I'm happy anyway.So now I own 772ER, 772LR, and 773ER. Sweet:9
  3. LOT737

    FS Passnegers?

    FSP is amazing! Try the demo.. but it's a "must have" addon for fs;)
  4. LOT737

    Spartan freeware

    Spartan is amazing!Thank You:D :-beerchug
  5. Fantastic shots!Happy New Year!:-)
  6. WOW! Great! Thanks so much!!!:D Readme:"The Tow Truck wilga is still in development, so consider it a Beta. Use the SPOILER KEY to cut the plane loose.."Hmm.. where is it?
  7. LOT737

    Some issue with SU1

    >I wasnt alarmed about the first 180 turn, but by the second,>which was as I said less than 20 degrees angle. Maybe Jack can>tell us a bit more about it as he seems to experience this>too. Jack?Last night I did a quick test flight and I had the same problem with LNAV. But it was just a quick flight so I thought that maybe I made some mistakes, etc.Today I saw your post here. I will try it again when I will get home.
  8. LOT737

    Some issue with SU1

    I've the same problem with LNAV.What should I do?
  9. Ah.. I see. So I dont have to retire JCA-LAGO;)
  10. LOT737

    Contact points ?

    >Was the aircraft static at this time or what was it doing?Well.. it looks like the aircraft is either taking off or just landed. Main gear are still on the ground but they're floating over the runway.I have the same problem, hope to see this fixed soon.
  11. AMAZING!:-eek Really great video! Hope to see more!:D Thanks so much!
  12. WOW:-eek Looks like I will have to retire my Jetcity-Lago MD-80...
  13. LOT737

    AAL 772 repaint in the works

    Me too please:D jacek757@verizon.net
  14. LOT737

    the liveries

    I'm going to bed in 30minutes.. any news.....??