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  1. Hi Everyone who may still use Fly2. Hope you have had a happy Xmas and I wish you a prosperous New Year Ian
  2. Hi everybody, It's been a while since I last checked in. I haven't been doing much simming for some time but periodically load up Fly2 and go for a spin in the old Grumman AA5 Roger Mazengarb did. Good to see some activity on the Forum...I was worried AVSIM may take it down. best wishes to all Ian
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Fly fans. Ian
  4. Hi, Wishing all Fly enthusiasts a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ian
  5. Rob and all at RealAir, Thanks for all your excellent work over the years. From the great modifications of the 'Fly' aircraft many years ago to the more recent aircraft you have always set such a high standard. May you enjoy the extra time you will now have and continue to fly high. Ian
  6. Hi Ken, I didn't even think to send any reports to Microsoft so can't claim that my efforts may have had anything to do with the good news. If your reports or possibly those of others had anything to do with Fly! II now working we can all be grateful. kind regards, Ian
  7. Hi All Fly 2 fans, Great news. After installing Win 10 Anniversary Edition have been able to fly again. Just did a circuit around LFMN and all seemed ok. Haven't tried to download latest video card drivers or do anything else that I can think might have corrected the problem with the first Win 10 installation. Randall has your wife installed Win 10 anniversary on her laptop and if so have you treid Fly2 again? :smile: Ian
  8. Hi Randall, Good to hear from you after so long. Installed Win 10 and Fly2 was impossible to use as graphics terrible. I posted on the Simvol forum and Ken Wood replied. It could be a Direct X problem but as yet we don't have a satisfactory solution. Installing on a separate Partition should work but we will keep looking into it. Hopefully someone with superior computer knowledge may work out a more practical solution. best wishes, Ian
  9. Hi All Fly enthusiasts, I am wondering if any of you have upgraded to Win 10 and, if so, how does Fly run? Ian
  10. David,Thanks.I'll try your suggestion but the problem is that when I try to add Montana Scenery to the Library and open up the folder it is as if there are no files in it.
  11. Hi,I hope someone can help me.I deleted the Montana Unleashed Scenery and a while later decided to add it back into my scenery library.When I try to add it to the scenery library and open the Montana Scenery folder it just appears as a blank empty folder and so is impossible to add to the library.Anybody any clues as to what the problem is?:-hmmm
  12. Didier,Happy New Year to you and all the ROTW team.Thanks for the plugin. Last week because of the inability to export models due to the format created with the Sketchup freeware version I deleted it from my HD to create some more space for other programs!!!As you said it is very easy to use.:-wave
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