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  1. Great setup Mossyfly47. If my office only had the room...(sigh~~)OutFreakinStanding!!!
  2. Good to know. We'll see how mine specs out when up and running...
  3. @ cmeeks: The PSU was recommended by because of its quiet nature, it is the 80 Plus Gold Series . I used this site for much of my quest for silent operating hardware guidance. Although I could have used a smaller PSU, this one specifically was noted for its quietness and I needed 650 watt minimum with current configuration anyway. I won't be using the Hobart welder out in the shop as often now (grin)...@SpiritFlyer: Thanks for the encouragement. How it looks assembled will be a little interesting inside that black box, but I am hoping it performs the optimum FSX immersion miracle!!
  4. Got my new hardware in today. Will begin my assembly on the table first to make sure everything is working OK then move it all into the Antec case.
  5. Fragmentum

    Who wants a free CS C-130 Pro?

    I would like a copy, even though I hear it has a TON of defects....
  6. Fragmentum

    Wings of Power P-51Released

    I have modified the aircraft.cfg file so there is only 5 gallons of fuel in the center tank at all times, and this baby handles landings 'by the book'. The plane is a sweet production for flight simulation. It is lacking some areas for it to be a true reproduction and 'as real as it gets' is not totally there, but the publisher is working on a patch and getting great input/feedback at it's form site.I've been able to consistently land without bouncing and usually 'on all three' at the same time. Brakes are a bit heavy and will bring up the tailwheel so give her plenty of roll out room.The sound file is THE best I have ever heard, and I have been around plenty of REAL Mustangs in my time.You cannot go wrong with this payware production of the P-51, it is the best out there!!!!
  7. Fragmentum

    Wings of Power P-51Released

    I have left several posts at the Shockwaveproductions forum, as have other registered users.Please review them for additional comments that may be helpful.I mentioned the taillight on the rudder is not attached with rudder deflection (seems a common problem with many publishers), way too much dirt and debri kicked up on non-paved airstrips, and the landing characteristics compared to many other warbird purchases is 'different', such as bouncing like the Yak-3 from CaptainSim, speed scrub off with flaps and gear is very slow....Still, a very good production and I love the VC!Still getting used to the handling of this product, and have flown just about every other P-51 Mustang offered as flight sim add-ons....
  8. thumpa, thumpa, thumpa (fingers thumping on desktop...waiting...waiting....)Longest beta test I've ever seen...We'll be into a new flight sim version soon...
  9. Fragmentum

    Taildragger ground control

    Brent,Thanks for the info. Worked perfectly!I had a Spitfire that needed a bit of tweaking to make the ground handling friendlier!Don
  10. Who can tell me what line in an aircraft.cfg I modify to give a taildragger more or less rudder/tailwheel turning effectiveness?Thanks...
  11. Fragmentum

    Missing Learjet 45 VC textures

    Jim,Thanks so much. Yes, these were the missing lines in the 'panel.cfg' file.Guages in the VC fully restored!Don
  12. It has been awhile since I flew this default aircraft, but there does not seem to be any VC guages...
  13. Tim,A couple other things to check for, and this has helped me a lot....Make sure you have the latest nforce2 drivers for your motherboard if you have nforce chips on it and the most recent video driver for your new video card.Also, I use EndItAll as a resource killer before starting the flightsim. This will help apply system resources to the flightsim and not background applications.I assume you are using WinXP or 2000???Get the latest drivers here for video: here for the entire nforce2 WinXP set;
  14. Bill and Crew,This is some amazing work. Thanks so much. It's nice to have this quality of scenery now on the East coast.
  15. Fragmentum

    A Holiday Gift from MAAM

    "A home for the lady at last..."?????What 'lady'?????If your referring to Briefing Time B-25 then this is NO lady!With whiskers and a bad attitude, this war plane is not lady like in any sense of the word! Multiple 50 cal. machine guns in various liveries and a belly full of deadly bombs of various 'persuasions' to deliver to just the right party! This warbird means 'business is about to be taken care' of once the wheels are tucked up inside the wells!!!If the B-25 was a guy, he'd know your daughter by her first name...Now if it's the R4D-6 your referring to, then, OK. Still a warbird without the 'delivery' aspects of the B-25, but still a delivery bird just the same. I guess you can call her a 'her'....