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  1. Ah..he didn't loose the keys Dave. He bought the car at a local dealer and the manufacturer refuses to give him the keys. As far as support goes, I would have to say at some level, Ariane is receiving some form of financial compensation for G2 Game sales...or else G2 would be charged with piracy.If Ariane is being compensated for the sale of it's product, how can they feel justified to charge for support just because they did not have to process the transaction? Just my two cents worth...
  2. Hi all, does anyone out there have the blank texture set for the Dash 8? Would have been nice if there had of been a layered set, but beggars can't be choosers.Thanks,
  3. Sorry, just saw this post now. I too was accused by FSD of having "cracked" software. Having never put any FSD software save the purchased P-180, I know how you feel. They told me until I do a full format of my hard drive, that I would be unable to install any of their software. To this day, the FSD P-180 has not been installed. I respect a companies right to protect their product, but their accusations leave me cold.Incidently, I have recently replaced my hard drive requiring a re-installation of my OS but I will not be re-installing my FSD software. They have lost a customer.ChuckCYXU
  4. This first run of production yokes were plagued with problems. The biggest hitter was random key presses being sent. Nothing like being on short final in a 747 and have your gear start to retract all on its own.:-eek For me, it was pretty much useless. It took forever to get a replacement unit but finally have it and not looking back now. I find it to be a much sturdier unit than the CH as far as construction goes. Also is nice to have the throttle detent switch set up as a reverse thrust.For now, have all of my programming through the FS assignments with no need as of yet to assign through FSUIPC. May install the software that comes with it at some point to be able to use the mode programming.I can certainly relate to the negative feelings. When my first yoke started to act up, I was pretty disgusted. Since I mail ordered mine, didn't feel like paying to send it back just to risk getting another lemon.
  5. Also check your axis assignments in game. You may have one of your rotaries set for your rudder trim. You could also try adjusting the rotaries when this condition occurs to see if makes it better or worse.
  6. It most certainly does!:) At Premier Airways, we have flights that range from B1900s up to and including the B744. We have both a passenger and cargo division and utilise FSAcars with a realtime Google map on site. We have no strict requirement for online flights and also have a manual reporting form should you fly a flight without an internet connection. Feel free to pop by and check us out!http://www.premierairways.com
  7. Many thanks! You'd think after all these years, I would have found that one!:-wave
  8. Respectfully sir, the rule about file size states....DO NOT upload images larger than 150Kb, if you cannot manage shots under this total, you need to stop flying in those heavily populated areas and find yourself some empty sky!If you are not uploading the file to the Avsim server, this no longer applies. I agree that some common sense needs to be exercised in that we do not want 3 meg pictures in here but if the images are actually linked to a different server, it is up to the user to decide if they wish to wait for them to load.The rules state absolutely nothing of the file size that may be linked. Personally, I have no issue with people linking to large files...as I said, if I don't want to wait for it to load, then I hit the back button and move on.What really annoys me here is that the screenshot forum is run in frames...a real pain to look at the fullsize picture when you have to scroll.At anyrate, I still think Avsim is the best location for all of us to enjoy our hobby and we have alot to be thankful for when it come to all their hard work. Whether if we agree or disagree in the end, it is their sandbox that they allow us to play in and therefore their say.Cheers all,
  9. <<>>There is nothing in the forum rules stating that you cannot link to files greater than 150k. You cannot upload files greater than 150k to Avsim's server. Pictures still need to conform to the 1024x768 though.Indeed I have seen many files that exceeded 300k but have been linked externally. If this has changed in such a way that external linking, ie photobucket, is also limited to 150k, there are going to be alot of posters that have post counts in the thousands that are in violation as well.Respectfully,
  10. I have just received mine and it spent the total of one hour out of the box. Already packed up to be sent back as faulty. One minute in the cockpit next outside then the tower etc. I will put it down as teething pains with the design for now...I have used Saitek controllers before and have been quite satisfied with them. We will see how Saitek addresses this issue.
  11. Well, not sure of the level of complexity you are looking for but feel free to stop by to check us out. Precision Logistics is the cargo division of Premier Airways.http://www.premierairways.com
  12. Ummmm, if you are in Ontario...don't you think Canadian West is a little misleading? Besides...there already is a Canadian West VA...http://www.flycwe.com/
  13. I use one of the switches on the base of my CH yoke for incremental down and up. When I get a flap wav file that seems to keep repeating, I flip the flap switch up and then right back down again. The flaps don't have time to move but it is enough to break the stuck wav file loose.
  14. A little more information may be in order. I for one am not prepared to download a file of an unknown type to my computer. Did that once for a seemingly harmless file...right before I reformatted my hard drive....x( Better still, put it in a zip file according to Avsim rules and upload it.Cheers,
  15. From the 747_400F_Differences Manual...You must have APU GEN2 or EXT PWR 2 showing available to have the proper Bus configuration to operate the doors.When all else fails, the manual is there!;-) Cheers,
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