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  1. Thats the French for you...
  2. John,Thanks, thats cleared that up for me.
  3. I learnt to fly and got my PPL, CPL IR/IMC some time ago and then got into MSFS afterwards (when the money ran out!) In my opinion it's easer to fly the real thing than a sim, you get far more visual clues and control feedback. It is however a problem in the real thing if you get something wrong (sweaty palms). The thing is Commercial pilots cannot get stuff wrong and they are bound by strict procedures which normal simmers usually don't follow.... Take off for a simmer is usually something like "flaps 20...whatever", hit the TOGA button, silence "TOCW" horn pull back at around 150 ...ish gear up, flaps fully up and away we go... PRESENT FORUM EXCEPTED:-) So in summary I think you could handle a real aircraft in an emergency, not sure if you could handle the thought of impending death if you made a mistake though.....Paul Yates
  4. System config....737 NG installed, MS ACOF installed default location, OS XP pro SP2.Error reproductionInstalled 747-400 QOTSRan load manager from install dirattempted to save file to aicraft configI get one error dbox with nothing in it (no txt)followed by 1 warning dbox with nothing in it (no txtConfig file does get overwritten so it is changing, I'm not sure if the changes are correct though, overall fuel state does reflect correctly when plane is initilaized.I will attach more detail later after I've got home.... and looked at any interesting stuff in the application log. Paul Yates
  5. On the downloads products download page I'm getting "All other files normally located here will be available again shortly!" Sorry for my impatience but could someone please quantify "shortly" I've been trying for 2 days.....Paul Yates
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