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  1. Todd Nicholson

    Regarding FS2X - PC-12

    I had posted some shots at the F1 Products and Development forum with some of the new hightlights.
  2. Todd Nicholson

    Regarding FS2X - PC-12

    You can't wait another week or two? ;-)
  3. No, although Flight1 will be releasing an FSX version of their PC-12 in the not to distant future.
  4. Todd Nicholson

    What stuff is on the way for FS9?

    Flight One is getting ready to release standalone Avidyne Entegra gauges. Compatible with both FS9 and FSX.
  5. You need to defrag AFTER installing UTX.......
  6. Todd Nicholson

    Ultimate Terrain X nearing release

    UT and GE are not at all the same. GE is ground textures. UT only has textures for industrial areas, golf courses, cemeteries. UT adds accurate coastlines, roads, railroads, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, enhanced 3D night lighting and rivers. The FSX version adds 3D generic bridges on all roads that cross water, tunnel entries and exits, added traffic to more roads and a whole lot more. Both GE and UT work well together to enhance FS.
  7. Todd Nicholson

    The desert thing...

    I thought it was mentioned by MS, that they weren't going to fix the landclass/texture issues. I swore I read that somewhere here a while ago.
  8. Todd Nicholson


    Definite noticeable differnce to me...
  9. Todd Nicholson

    Ultimate Terrain USA / Flight1

    I've never heard of a bad CD, although I guess anything is possible.As far as service, Flight1 hasn't provided phone or email customer service for a long time. Customer service is either via their support forum or via their ticket system. I would suggest contacting them directly via their support system here:
  10. The check boxes to not indicate that the textures are "active". That is not their purpose. The check boxes are used to choose which texture sets are actualled installed. You only need to do that once when you initially install GE. Once the textures are installed, they'll always be "active" in FS.
  11. Todd Nicholson

    Blurry Dials on all panels

    Yes, this can be the problem. Turn off both temporal and adaptive anti-aliasing. You can still use the standard anti-aliasing as that should not cause an issue.
  12. Todd Nicholson

    Scenery upgrade order?

    All three programs do different things, so there are no compatibility issues to worry about and they can be installed in any order you like. Just install each one and set them up to your liking.
  13. Texture resolution is what you're after if you want improved ground texture visuals. I set mine to 1m.
  14. Todd Nicholson

    FSDiscover from Flight One

    Yes, Konstantin is indeed the author of FSDiscover! and has teamed with Flight1 to offer even more. See this news thread from Flight1:
  15. Todd Nicholson

    nav-gps switch in beech baron 58

    It's not in the VC that I can tell. Developers forgot it I guess....