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  1. After much reflection with my loved ones and business advisors, I've decided to continue managing my own level of hype. I appreciate the support and advice offered by everyone in this thread.
  2. There's only one realism level, called "Call of Duty" and the graphics options are "Xbox One X" and "Xbox Series X" Oh, yeah, and there's a "Sound On/Off" option, so I know you'll be pleased with that.
  3. I think you can see it clearly in this photo: and if you took this into photoshop and cranked the Red channel, I'm sure it would really pop.
  4. There hasn't been any specific information released about jets in the sim.
  5. I think they should have a ranked progression system where you have to unlock aircraft, liveries, cockpit decorations/customizations, highly detailed airports, and sections of the world, and then they can make it incredibly difficult to gather enough in-game points for the really sought after unlocks, and instead sell boosts that increase the gather rate for an extremely limited time, and currency bought with real money that can outright buy the virtual add-ons. That would be ideal.
  6. Yeah, my brother's buddy is in the test. He says it's fantastic.
  7. Honestly, my main issue is that the swords/axes are INCREDIBLY unbalanced, and the romance options are far too limited.
  8. I think I saw in one of the emails that someone posted that there was a link to request access - I'd look for that.
  9. If you log into your Microsoft account, you can alter your gamertag once from the pre-generated one. After that, changing it costs money.
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