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    Download problems

    I'm having the same problem also. We need mirrors!
  2. FIXED IT!!!!!I manually put that folder you asked me to delete into winsxs and put the SP1 version of simconnect in there and ASX starts up just fine!Thanks for the help!
  3. Just tryed that,Uninstalled SP1, deleted the folder you said to, reinstalled it, it did not install the folder. Tryed to start ASX and no go.Is there anyway to get a log of the SP1 install to see if something went wrong?
  4. OK I did get the file from a friend and got everything working BUT ASX. After doing some testing all of my other programs (TrackIR, FSUIPC) are finding simconnect just fine. Also running the AI Traffic test program connects to FSX just fine. So it seems to me as there is a problem with ASX, multiple reboots, reinstalls, etc has done nothing to fix it. I have attached the ASX logs...
  5. OK I think I found my problem. FSX and SP1 are not installing to winsxs folder, no idea why, but I did make the folders and have the original FSX version of simconnect, so I put that in and I now have the addons menu and stuff.But ASX still won't work because I don't have the SP1 version of simconnect. Could you please upload a copy for me to download? That would be great! Thanks! I think its 10.0.61355.0
  6. Did that twice yesterday, still no joy.Is there a way to point ASX to the simconnect folder?
  7. OK it seems I can't uninstall 2.0 under vista and reinstall it because it is built into Vista. It says 2.0 is installed.It had worked fine for the past month or so, two days ago it wasn't updated FSX weather or lock my position, now it says the simconnect cannot be found.
  8. Yes that is how it is.I found another tip, I uninstalled ASX and FSX SP1, now trying to uninstall .net 2.0, I'll then reinstall in the method you listed...
  9. Hi All, need some help with this problem I've been trying to fix all night...Trying to start up ASX and it says it can't find the simconnect. There is no addons menu in FSX, I have FSUIPC installed, it said it found it during install though... I already checked the simconnect folder name in the winsxs folder and it is correct and is in there. I have already reinstalled FSX twice tonight and nothing is working, so any advice would be helpful...I'm on Vista 32bit.
  10. BladeLWS

    FSX Startup Error

    Yea, it loads up with the default flight.
  11. BladeLWS

    FSX Startup Error

    This started a little while after I installed FSX. I had moved over some aircraft from FS9 to FSX when this started. It happens during startup, I press OK and it loads just fine. Any idea what this means?
  12. LAN feature yes, but we are NOT on a LAN.The hose was in Kentucky, and other our west. The host created a LAN session and gave us his IP, and connected right to it.
  13. Just did this with two other people and it worked!!!!!11111When going into multiplayer, instead of going to gamespy, go to connect to LAN. Enter a name, and create a session. Have the other person do the same thing but push the connect to IP button under LAN. Enter the IP of the server. It'll do some looking then hook up! Was just flying with my two buddies in an 300S' over Oshkosh!
  14. I have the same problem. I get logged in, everything is fine for 5 minutes. Then bingo right on que it disco's me giving the same error message you're getting. MS really screwed up on this interface.
  15. >What other addon planes do you have this problem with? So>far I only saw it on the 767. It's a shame that it doesn't>work for the 767 because when the light works right it looks>REALLY good. I'm sure it's easy for Tim to fix as he said,>although I spent an hour without even being able to figure out>the basis of how the spotlight works, non-speaking of fixing>the 767 myself.>>dumb dumb...>>JasonOverlands? MD-11 to name one, I haven't gone through all my aircraft, but those two stood out so far.