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  1. My wife and I flew BA business class from Heathrow to San Jose, Ca. on the 787. The ride didn't feel much different, but the mood lighting was nice and the windows were a nice added feature. The business class layout was a disappointment though. It's hard to explain the layout, but the seat closest to the exterior required that the occupant cross over your legs to get out to the aisle if you are stretched out to sleep. I had a young boy constantly getting up and down. Finally had to ask him to sit still. Talking to the flight attendant about the arrangement, she indicated that there would be a change in that. The 747 BC layout on BA was much better.
  2. Makes sense. That's where I parked. Thanks. Jim D.
  3. I'm glad to see this thread as I just recently bought the Piper Cherokee as well. Haven't had time to read the manual completely yet. I have flown her and it's easy to set the trim and fly it without the AP. I have a little problem on landing as the craft seems to drift to the right just before touchdown. I need to work on that. One issue I had though, after parking and opening the door, it kept closing and opening continually and would not stop. I was not imputing the command, just was going on its own. I'll see if it happens again. Jim D.
  4. I just opened the link and the price quoted for the FSX/P3D bundle is $30.00. Posting this FYI. Jim D. OUCH!!! Just realized that this thread originated some time ago. My previous response was in regard to the original price a year or so ago. Pays to look at the posting date before jumping in. Jim D.
  5. I had this same issue and maybe one of the links provided by Terry includes one I posted. I traced it to a recently installed scenery. Interestingly, no one else experienced the same problem with that same scenery, even the author had no problem with it. But I did. So I removed it and all went back to normal.Jim D.
  6. Hello Jim.

    It's John from Kingston Ontario Canada. You helped me setup my flight controllers using FSUIPC via the telephone. The only problem I ever have now is trying to get the Hat switch to work like it does using the FS9 control assignments. I was wondering if perhaps I could get a look at your FSUIPC hat switch setup. I f you can help me Jim could you email me at manjabe@cogeco,ca...

  7. Planning a route for weather AS 6.5, the distance between the departure point and arrival point is way off. I'm planning a route from NZWR to NZWT which is only about 90nm, but AS shows 8619.3 with a flight time of 43.5 hrs. (See Screenshot)What am I doing wrong here? And what does the 2598m under the ETE column refer to?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185930.jpgThanks for the help.Jim D.p.s. I looked in the manual and couldn't find anything.
  8. That may have been the cause. Since the restore, that software is not now installed and all is OK. I'll keep that in mind when I reload the software.Jim
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I did a defrag with no big results. So I did a system restore to a point two weeks ago and BINGO, back to my FPS @ 28-29. Missing a couple of textures now but I can correct that. Also I'll need to see what other changes are affected that I haven't discovered yet.Jim
  10. OK I'm in need of some ideas here. Last week or so my FS9 was running as smooth as silk, between 27-29 FPS, locked to 30 FPS.Since I've been busy I haven't done any flying til now and my sim is now only running @ 2-18 FPS, but mostly less than 10 FPS.The only recent changes to my computer was in adding a new DVD burner and a new software program. My FS9 resides on the D: drive and everthing else is on the C: drive.Any ideas as to why the sudden change in the FPS of my FS9?Thanks for any ideas.Jim D.
  11. Maybe I'm mistaken here, but it appears to me that in your two screen shots you haven't yet intercepted the LOC as the color indicator under the PFD (horizontal guide) is still way to the right. I don't engage the APP until the craft has captured the LOC and is on approach but still below the GS as would show on the indicator to the right (vertical guide)of the PFD.But maybe I'm wrong.Jim
  12. Forgot this other point:This instruction as mentioned in my previous post only needs to be done once. When adding more scenery objects, it is not necessary to add it again to the FS9 library. Just put the bgl's and the bmp's into the respective folders of the already existing library folder.Jim
  13. The instructions are not always clear, that's for sure. Here's what what you do: The first download will create the main folder. Inside this 'newly created' folder you'll find a scenery and a texture folder. When you unzip the next two folders to ANOTHER location on your hard drive, you'll have a folder with sub-folders inside, again a scenery folder and a texture folder. Now open the scenery folder and copy the bgl files and place them into the original scenery folder for the objects library. Then do the same for the texture folders placing the bmp files into the original texture folder.Remember that after adding these to FS9 you will need to activate the ONE MAIN OBJECTS LIBRARY folder. The instructions are included in the readmes.By the way, it is not necessary to put these in the default addon scenery file. I created my own addon folder in the main fs9 directory calling it 'My addon scenery'(no quote marks) and I place all my addons here. The only files I place in the default addon folder are AFCADS.Hope this is clear enough. If not let me know. I'm in a hurry now so I can't be more specific. I'll add more later if needed.Jim
  14. Do a library search using: "EZ scenery textures" (quotes not required) and search the Scenery portion of the library. I saw 56 different files listed.Also search the following authors here at Avsim and at Flightsim: Sidney Schwartz. Len Hickman. Lou Frost. Dennis Waggoner. Colin Green. John.B.Loney jnr. Steve Ziegler. This should keep you busy for a while.Jim D.P.S. Be careful about adding all these if not required by the scenery designer. Many designers use objects that are already available and if you have the same object in different sceneries, textures may not load. Had this happen to me. Some designers do not include objects but give you a list to download to make their sceneries work. Lawrie Roache is one of these designers. His New Zealand sceneries are fantastic. I just downloaded his Milford Sound scenery. It's here in the library. Beautiful it is.
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