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  1. ilovetofly

    Has anyone here flown in a 787?

    My wife and I flew BA business class from Heathrow to San Jose, Ca. on the 787. The ride didn't feel much different, but the mood lighting was nice and the windows were a nice added feature. The business class layout was a disappointment though. It's hard to explain the layout, but the seat closest to the exterior required that the occupant cross over your legs to get out to the aisle if you are stretched out to sleep. I had a young boy constantly getting up and down. Finally had to ask him to sit still. Talking to the flight attendant about the arrangement, she indicated that there would be a change in that. The 747 BC layout on BA was much better.
  2. Gregg, I have KSJC for FS9 and it is very good. When they were developing this airport I was the building inspector for the new terminal and was able to provide them with architectural renderings for the new terminal. I feel that it is as accurate as possible. Since then, new taxiways have been added on the western side where corporate aircraft and some GA aircraft are positioned along with some new current construction which would not appear in the scenery. I recommend obtaining it. Jim D. KSJC
  3. What is meant by "seeding"? Jim D.
  4. ilovetofly

    Saitek throttle quadrants.

    I have 2 Saiteks and 1 CH TQ. They plug into the USB ports. If you don't have enough, add a USB card or module with several ports. FS will see them as well as FSUIPC (if you have it). Jim D.
  5. ilovetofly

    FSX-SE Compatibility Testing Thread

    Al, I guess I didn't explain what I meant clearly enough about panning and Trackir. In FS9 I changed views with a button on the yoke. So when I was in the VC mode with Trackir and I clicked the button to change views, say for example to the outside view, I could then pan without having to pause Trackir. Now with SE, view will not change at all. I now need to do as you mention pause Trackir. Then it is possible to change views and pan. Maybe this is different in FSX from FS9. Well, I'll adjust and thanks for the tip. Jim D.
  6. ilovetofly

    A2A Piper autopilot question/issue?

    Makes sense. That's where I parked. Thanks. Jim D.
  7. ilovetofly

    How to?

    I understand that FSX SE can be opted to run off line if desired. I don't see that option when running Steam. What I have done is to open Task Manager and end Steam there and then continue on with FSX SE. Is there another method? Thanks, Jim D.
  8. ilovetofly

    FSX-SE Compatibility Testing Thread

    Sorry, I didn't read my post very well before. I meant to say that after I put the sensors back in range, view change and panning is still not possible. This has also affected FS9 and I don't know why. Jim D.
  9. ilovetofly

    A2A Piper autopilot question/issue?

    I'm glad to see this thread as I just recently bought the Piper Cherokee as well. Haven't had time to read the manual completely yet. I have flown her and it's easy to set the trim and fly it without the AP. I have a little problem on landing as the craft seems to drift to the right just before touchdown. I need to work on that. One issue I had though, after parking and opening the door, it kept closing and opening continually and would not stop. I was not imputing the command, just was going on its own. I'll see if it happens again. Jim D.
  10. ilovetofly

    FSX-SE Compatibility Testing Thread

    Thanks for the answers Pete. I will retest with an aircraft where I was able to create a macro in FS9, such as the iFLY 737 and others. The other issue I have since using SE is with my Trackir. It works fine but does not allow me to change views or use the POV switch to use thepan view. If I remove the sensors from being 'seen' by tracker, view change works and so does panning. Put the sensors back in range, now view change or panning possible. Jim D.
  11. ilovetofly

    FSX-SE Compatibility Testing Thread

    Having recently installed FSX SE, I now have a number of issues that I did not have with FS9. I won't address everyone one of them at this moment but I need some direction on two of them. For the record, this is a clean install of SE. I never installed the original FSX. First is with FSUIPC. I downloaded the newest version 4.939e I think, now lack the ability to make a mouse macro k key or button assignments. Even though I set it up as previously in FS9, when I try to make a macro nothing appears on the screen when I mouse click a function. This has also affected my FS9 FSUIPC function as I cannot create a macro in that sim now. I am able to assign several functions via FSUIPC in the SE version but not able to create a macro but unable to assign other functions. Second issue. I use TrackIr. If I don't use the Trackir, the POV hat switch and the view change button work just fine. I can move the view ahead or back, raise the eye point or lower it, Once I engage Tracker I am unable to change the view or use the pan feature. This too has affected the FS9 version. If I remove the sensors from my hat, those buttons work just fine. Those are two of the most frustrating situations at the moment. I hope someone can help with these two issues. BTW, I'm getting 65+ FPS even though I set the limit to 30. Thanks, Jim D.
  12. ilovetofly

    Couple of questions

    Directions could be clearer. When clicking on the Library tab, RIGHT click on Flightsimulator X and then it is no sweat to download the BETA. Just get the code from Steam Forum site. Jim D.
  13. ilovetofly

    Couple of questions

    I'm attempting to install the BETA update but can't find it. Instructions are: Open Steam, Open library tab, FSX, Properties, etc. Problem is I open Steam which loads my FSX library page. After that I cannot find anything for selecting the BETA update. Please, I need better directions or a direct link to the update. Thanks, Jim D.
  14. ilovetofly

    Couple of questions

    Thanks again Pete. I found it. I did originally install it to another drive and found it here: D:Steamlibrary\Steamapps\Common\FSX. I only have three folders there, common, downloading, temp and a appmanifest_314160.acf whatever that is. Headed off to work but will check back shortly. Jim D.
  15. ilovetofly

    Couple of questions

    Thanks Pete for your reply. As to question 1, I have the Jan release version. Very difficult to see the number on the splash screen. How does one find the "beta" version and download it? Question 2; My FSX file @ Program files (x86)\Steam/SteamApps folder doesn't contain the 'COMMON' folder. Mine reads C:Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods and a 'libraryfolders.vdf Thanks for any more help. Jim D. p.s. I'll be getting FSUIPC as I have it for FS9 and couldn't do without it.