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  1. My wife and I flew BA business class from Heathrow to San Jose, Ca. on the 787. The ride didn't feel much different, but the mood lighting was nice and the windows were a nice added feature. The business class layout was a disappointment though. It's hard to explain the layout, but the seat closest to the exterior required that the occupant cross over your legs to get out to the aisle if you are stretched out to sleep. I had a young boy constantly getting up and down. Finally had to ask him to sit still. Talking to the flight attendant about the arrangement, she indicated that there would be a change in that. The 747 BC layout on BA was much better.
  2. Gregg, I have KSJC for FS9 and it is very good. When they were developing this airport I was the building inspector for the new terminal and was able to provide them with architectural renderings for the new terminal. I feel that it is as accurate as possible. Since then, new taxiways have been added on the western side where corporate aircraft and some GA aircraft are positioned along with some new current construction which would not appear in the scenery. I recommend obtaining it. Jim D. KSJC
  3. Makes sense. That's where I parked. Thanks. Jim D.
  4. I'm glad to see this thread as I just recently bought the Piper Cherokee as well. Haven't had time to read the manual completely yet. I have flown her and it's easy to set the trim and fly it without the AP. I have a little problem on landing as the craft seems to drift to the right just before touchdown. I need to work on that. One issue I had though, after parking and opening the door, it kept closing and opening continually and would not stop. I was not imputing the command, just was going on its own. I'll see if it happens again. Jim D.
  5. The above opinions are very helpful. Thanks. I'm going to start improving my default FSX SE. I love flying New Zealand/Australia and am considering the GEX version. Since GEX USA is used in conjunction with UTX USA, what additional package for terrain/vector should be used with GEX Au/NZ since there is no UTX for that region? Thanks for the suggestions, Jim D. P.S. I've looked at ORBIX and VLC but seem to be leaning toward GEX. Some of your thoughts are appreciated. Also looked at GODZONE Photo real but I like to have all the seasons. Again, opinions are welcome.
  6. I just opened the link and the price quoted for the FSX/P3D bundle is $30.00. Posting this FYI. Jim D. OUCH!!! Just realized that this thread originated some time ago. My previous response was in regard to the original price a year or so ago. Pays to look at the posting date before jumping in. Jim D.
  7. I had this same issue and maybe one of the links provided by Terry includes one I posted. I traced it to a recently installed scenery. Interestingly, no one else experienced the same problem with that same scenery, even the author had no problem with it. But I did. So I removed it and all went back to normal.Jim D.
  8. Hello Jim.

    It's John from Kingston Ontario Canada. You helped me setup my flight controllers using FSUIPC via the telephone. The only problem I ever have now is trying to get the Hat switch to work like it does using the FS9 control assignments. I was wondering if perhaps I could get a look at your FSUIPC hat switch setup. I f you can help me Jim could you email me at manjabe@cogeco,ca...

  9. That's OK, but you want to close the reversers when you reach 80knts. Also, when moving out of the reverser position the spoilers are deactivated and move into the closed position. But, whatever suits your fancy. Glad you got it working.Jim D.
  10. Hi Izamina.Here's what to do if you have a registered version of FSUIPC. In the 'Buttons + Switches' tab, select the box that says "Aircraft Specific". Move the lever desired for Throttle 1 into the lowest position. Check the box 'Select for FS control'. In the drop-down menu, select Throttle 1 Decr, then in the next lower box put a check where it says "Control to repeat while button held". In the lower drop-down menu select the Throttle Icr. Repeat for throttle 2 selecting the appropiate command. Save and you're all set to go. Click on the screen shot to enlage it. Any questions or help, repost here and I'll try to help you out. Oh, it doesn't matter if the TQ is connected to the yoke. One of mine is and FSUIPC will see it.Jim D.
  11. The following was posted on another site (Flightsim). I'm not using Vista so I can't verify. I put it here for information only.Jim D."In addition to the above be aware that if you're using Vista as your operating system it may be preventing you from modifying the FS9.cfg file. When you set the assignments this file is written with these changes, and if Vista prevents the file modification they won't "stick" ".Best wishes,Alastair __________________AOPA #04634067
  12. There is a better way and it can be done using the thrust levers by bring them back to the full detent to engage reverse thrusters. I have programmed it using FSUIPC by following this tutorial by John Cook.http://www.aeroworx.com/smf/index.php?topic=2228.0The first topic should contain the tutorial link. I now use Saitek TQ's (2 of them) for my planes that have the engine controls on the right hand side instead of the CH TQ. I placed the CH one on the left hand side for those planes where it is left hand controled.If the link won't respond I just GOOGLEd "Configuring FSUIPC" and it was the first one in the GOOGLE search.I hope this helps you out.Jim D.
  13. Thanks Jim.Button #8 is what appears in FSUIPC when the lever is set to the lowest position, past the detent. Now the only other issue I'll have is that I have the F2 key assigned to the minimums set dial on the EFIS on the PMDG 737. Maybe what I'll do is try to reassign the throttle key in FS9 to an empty key. Don't know if it'll work, but I'll try. Maybe I'm making an issue here since I have as well the CH TQ already setup for the PMDG. I just like the feel of the Saitek a little better.I'll look forward to your reply soon.Jim D.EDIT: I have it figured out. Thanks for the help. Jim D.
  14. Jim;I used FSUIPC also and assigned the F2 key in the "Buttons and Keys" section assigning the #8 button as indicated to the F2 key where it says "Key assignments". Maybe you could explain how you did it and I'll give it another shot.Thanks,Jim D.
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