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  1. Just thought I would share this link with you all. Some of the old timers may even remember the original pages:http://web.archive.org/web/19970619202350/.../www.avsim.com/Hope it brings back a few fond memories :-cool (even if it doesn't fit into the FSX forum exactly).
  2. Thank you Phil for popping in. I can only speak for myself; 2 Gigs would be my tolerance limit, after that I would seek an alternate means of procuring the patch.Then again, size doesn't matter much, it's how you use... err... the content does :-walksmile
  3. Interesting. I was all set to buy a package and poured over all 3 majaor sites and came to the conclusion that each one had something that was a "show stopper" for me. I used UT for the previous FS and really liked it. Unfortunatly they have no upgrade or new version as of yet (and may not have ever).I do want perhaps the impossible; great models, frame rates, semi-real schedules, wide coverage, a spotter mode and a general "this feels right" feeling.Ok... I can bend. Bottom line right now is for me to wait... then again if I see nothing down the road I will break down and probably get 2005 (though the name sounds like it is an old version with 2007 just around the corner).Thanks for the post... has me itching once again.
  4. >>Had I been given the choice of "Satisfactory" or>"Acceptable">>I would have opted for that middle ground. >>>>Suerly there is a grey, undefined area between good and>>poor............>>Grey, undefined areas, and middle ground don't help anyone get>a good overview of anything.>>Sometimes very black and white answers work better, as they>force you to take a firm stance in your response.>I have to disagree. Not everything is YES or NO. Example, Question 8:---------------------------* 8. When you have had issues with FSX, have you been able to get solutions? YesNo----------------------------If I answer YES or NO, there is an implication that I HAD issues. How do you answer the question if you did NOT have issues. To follow with question 9 regarding where I recieved help, once again this would imply that I had issues in the first place.In conclusion, most surveys remind me of the following:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lies,_damned_..._and_statisticsAs Richard Dawson would say: "Survey says"... always made me wonder who the heck they polled :)
  5. 1 copy on 0 machines... I go in cycles with games/simulations. Actually spend more time reading forums than I do playing!!!Though with the new version coming out much later this year, I will probably update that to 1 copy on 1 machine :)
  6. >I still "lurk" too! :D >>L.AdamsonGot to admit I'm a closet lurker too. Geez... I miss the good old days before FLY was even released.Joseph
  7. >>Is there any hope for someday again seeing a robust civilian>sim market, with multiple competing simulators? With lots of>3rd party commercial support for a number of simulators? Or,>5 years down the road when Fly's engine is hopelessly>outdated, will there be nothing left but MSFS?>>madmax>Just the other day I too was thinking about the glory days when there was a competitive market amongst flight sims. I truly miss the anticipation of new competing releases and the flurry of posts before and after. I may be 46 years old but those days made me feel like a kid at Christmas.I am amazed by the support and the extension of the sims by a community dedicated to their "chosen sim", regardless if it is FLY!, ProPilot or FU3. They still live even though they were left to fade into the past by their creators.I don't have any flight sims on my machine at this moment (ok... I am currently addicted to "The Sims 2"... go figure), though I have bought nearly every one produced with the exception of X-Plane. Just for now though. I really hate having to download tons of things and figure out how to get them all into the various sims. I am an "out of the box" kind of a guy.Still one day I am sure to get back into it all even if for the sake of nostalgia. I do miss having Richard from TRI and Peter James from the FU series showing off their "children" here.Still, I lurk around all the flight sim forums to see what is happening.Well I've rambled on long enough... just wishing for the good old days.
  8. >>http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/90563.jpg>(Quick quiz - what is this plane, and who is the real pilot>behind my face?)>That would be John Travolta if my memory serves me right.
  9. Goody, I don't believe that Ken is very much in this forum anymore otherwise I am sure he would have replied by now.Perhaps an email to him may be the route to go?
  10. >Hi Joseph,it`s me again.>>>I am not 100% sure about the things I said about the livery>and the shape of the fuselage.>>If you are absolutely sure about your picture showing a>B1900C.>Please tell me?>>LeenSorry I didn't get to reply earlier... been in bed with the flu.The site is: http://airliner.raytheonaircraft.com/raas/It's part of Raytheon/Beechcraft and can be found under the B1900C Cargo specs. So indeed it is the B1900C.Keep up the good work!
  11. >So ,if someone has this kind of pictures ( from this type of>plane or something alike) please send them to me.From a 1900C (cargo):http://airliner.raytheonaircraft.com/raas/...rgo_int_lrg.jpgHope this may help.
  12. I too am here. I keep reading this forum almost on a daily basis.Right now I don't have any version of FLY! on my machine (I own both) only because my free time has been limited lately. I know if I put it back on, it will take a lot of time to get it to where I once had it (redownloading, reconfiguring...) and then I'll want to play too much :-scatter Even though, I'm a nostalgic type of guy and still remember the excitement of developement happenings before the orignal FLY! came out.Oh how I wish a third version would come out... and I miss Richard and his infectious positive out look here.Kudos going to those who are keeping his and the TRI team vision alive.
  13. >BTW, Joseph, Is the saying at the end of your post at all>related to the Genisis, er Bible story of Joseph and his coat>of many colers? Just wondering...Hello Robert, the little line at the end of my posts comes from a song that has stuck with me for some time (The chorus below): DREAMS NEVER DIEWritten by Richard Cooper[P] Chorus:Dreams never die, just the dreamerDreams never die if it
  14. I still read this forum almost everyday but I have very little to contribute at this point.I still miss Richard Harvey an awful lot, as he was the catalyst of the FLY! franchise and one heck of a great human.Currently I don't have any of the FLY! series on my machine but that's only because of a lack of time on my part, not because it has been replaced (yes I do have the latest MSFS, time only permits me to play a little these days).FLY! had/has so much potential and I was excited when TRI (Brendan???) mentioned something was in the works. Nothing was ever said after that (officially anyways).I will put it back on eventually, even if just for old times sake. One downside for me is what **I** feel is the lack of a "living, breathing" environment. Still, it holds memories.Lastly, I give kudos to those that have taken the time to develop and share with the community. One day I hope the excitement will be back.
  15. I've got an ASUS GeForce FX 5900 Ultra (256 Meg and higher clock/memory speed in the Ultra). I use the drivers put out by ASUS, which are at version 44.71 and I do not have a problem with the missing 2D panels displaying.For that matter, COF runs smooth and look fantastic with this system and video card.When I get a chance I'll post some pictures in the SS forum with the frame counter on.
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