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  1. Also this is the least resource-demanding airliner addon out there I suppose. As an excample the Do-27 from Digital Aviation is much harder on the fps than the Flight1 Maddog.Eagle
  2. Call the ILS Repair Man, it's 555-1546 ;-)Are you sure it'n not supposed to be off, I wonder if some ILSs are off to avoid obstacles, there are some like that in FS-Norway i think.Eagle
  3. Would sure be nice, I loved the fs9 Herc. Let's just hope that "Coming Soon. Standby for updates" don't mean what it usually means over at Captain Sims ;-).My CS method is:1. Pretend you haven't heard any rumours or read any announcements2. Wait until all packs are completed3. Wait until the product is reviewed somewhere4. BuyCome to think of it, I haven
  4. Here's one in the making. Looks cool, and I love their Beaver :-)http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=10706Eagle
  5. >Read-only access to a forum is a different issue -- Avsim is>an example of a user-friendly, protected forum, anyone can>view, but you need to sign up to post.That's a good point, didn't think of that. However, there could be a number of reasons why VOZ has chosen this solution, and it's not that much of an effort to register if that's what they want.Eagle
  6. >Hmmmm you have to sign up to preview some beta shots? No>thanks. Maybe if they open up the forum for guest or post>pictures on the site, i'm not interested.Hmmmm, my experience with VOZ is outstanding scenery for free. If you are rejecting the whole project because their forum is protected by (free) registration, that's your loss, really!Btw, web robots filling out forms on the web has become a big problem. One way of dealing with it is registering. Another way is those annoying capcha images. I prefer signing up!Eagle
  7. I would recomend another GB RAM, and then the Leel-D if you can afford it. That extra RAM does a lot for the sim.Also remember that IFR in a big jet normally means you can turn off autogen. 2D panel and autogen off works fine in FSX with the complex planes with "older" PCs.I have a AMD 3500+, 2GB RAM, and 7800GT, and Level-D works fine, at least the old fasioned 2D way. Wish I had a better machine and Track IR so I could start VC flying in he tubeliners ...Eagle
  8. >Why is it so expensive, it's just an old, old GA aircraft. I>would get it if it was about $20.>>JeffYou'll know when you get it :-)But for your info, here are some of the things I like:1. Feel
  9. It's ok even if it does affect the framerate some. I ran a little test and discovered afterwards that there's a config tool where you can chose from four different Instruments Resolutions. It defaults to high (700x700), so next time I'll try it one notch down.Also, there's low res texture sets available so I believe this framerate issue is well taken care of from the team (as is anything else).Im still on a single core AMD 3500+ and 2MB RAM (same as you), but with 7800GT and only one HD.I think you'll like it, at first glance it looks like the old DO-27 is back with all it's whistles and bells :-).http://www.avsim.com/pages/1106/Do27/Do27.htm Eagle
  10. People!Digital Aviation's Dornier Do-27 for FSX is just released.This was the best aircraft ever for FS9 IMHO, hope it's the same in FSX. And there's a discount for fs9 owners :-). (Shockwave, what are you waiting for!) Downloading right now ...Eagle
  11. >Is this with all aircraft or 3rd party etc?all :-(
  12. yup, left all forces but one off
  13. After half a year??? I don't fly that much, do I? Maybe I do ...No, it's when I leave the ground it's NOT working, that's when it kicks in full back with full force. Never forward no matter how I trim the aircraft.Sorry for being a bit foggy, why don't all people speak Norwegian?EagleEdit for spelling ... for what it's worth ;-)
  14. Hi,I'm using a Saitek Evo Force joystick, and for some reason the elevator force only pulls the stick backwards. With Forces off it seems like trim and sesitivity works fine, both with and without FSUIPC. But with Forces enabled the stick jumps full back as soon as I am airborn.Just wondering if this is hard- or software related, and of course if anyone else have had this problem ...Eagle
  15. >Notepad. Notepad works just fine for editing XML and HTML>and all sorts of files that are really just text with>different extensions.If your'e happy with one undo level and no code coloring ;-)xml files are very strict, so code coloring is a great help. I use Dreamweaver for this, but I am sure there are som less expensive ones out there ...Eagle
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