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  1. Hi Bryan!was away for one week and i saw that you updated the A330's! great!Are you going to update all other overland models too? Your work is highly appreciated!!thank you!cheers,555
  2. Hi Bryan!yes, same problem with the fuel gauge display here! would be nice to get the fix!and many thanks for your work with the updates for the overland models!highly appreciated!!thanks and cheers,harald
  3. hi!both problem solved!ad 1.) did a scenery priority change - fixed!ad 2.) FS9SceneryVehiclestextureveh05a.bmpFS9SceneryVehiclestextureveh05a_lm.bmpcheers!harald
  4. hi all!two minor fs9 scenery/texture problems which i hope you guys can help me.1.) recently downloaded the FRF-EGLL scenery (egll.zip) with the corresponding new building scenery. Installed everything as per instructions but the textures on the main tower and blastwall are both white (so it seems the texture files are somehow missing). everything else is working perfectly. 2.) the FS9 standard airport bus (yellow one) does also not show correctly anymore..probably i've somehow overwritten the bmp, but i can not find the original bmp texture file on the origin CD (number 3).thanks!!cheersharald
  5. hi,pls check http://www.m-r-software.de/freeware, great visual+flightmodel and panel (plus VC and virtual pax)there are repaints here at avsim for winair http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=71299 cheersharald
  6. hi,yes it should be possible, although i've never tried it :-) - open the relevant aircraft sound.cfg and replace all external sound entries (starting with "x") with your internal sound entries. should work!hope this helps!cheersharald
  7. Hi,explanation from another forum:*********************************************************************texture_max_load:This value is set to be 1024 as default. Calculate 1024x(GPU memory/MB). For me 1024 x 128 = 131072 so I set mine to 130000 Set "TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD" value slightly smaller than this value.(ex.TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=65000) This value controls the amount of buffer memory used by FS to store scenery/aircraft textures. Increasing it decreases disk accesses. As a result, displayed texture quality and frame rate are improved. Also, the TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD value gets reseted to 1024 whenever FS terminates not correctly (i.e. CDT), so you need to keep an eye on it.*********************************************************************well, increasing this value with the above formula didn't help me to solve my blurries, but other users should try. i think, there is no common solution, for me, the value of 512 seems to work pretty well, although texture quality is a bit reduced, but only when my nose hits the screen..:-). so frankly speaking, the difference is not noticable at least in my setup and blurries are gone and so does slow texture loading (squares, blurries etc) IMAGE_QUALITY:you have to experiment with this setting (either 0 or 1) and see, if it makes any difference..for me, the combination with texture_max_load=512 and image_quality=1 does work pretty well.But again, there seems to be no common solution...unfortunatly.cheers,harald
  8. Hi Arnaud!you seem to have the same problem as i have..micro stutters at landing and/or deploying the reverser. I currently using onboard sound, but i also had those stutters when i installed an external soundcard (SB Live)...so bottom line, only caching or playing in advance seems to work so far for me(hope, that FSX get rid of this annoying problem). my proposal with the gyro_sound seems to work (only one entry), but as i noticed yesterday, double entry doesn't work (had those stutters again..grrrrrrr), so currently i'm thinking of new ways, as i would like to hear the aircondition (=>gyro_sound) during cockpit preperation. one possible way could be to use the external sounds for caching, i.e during startup let the reverser be played instead of the spooling up sound (which will be heard anyhow only when outside the plane, so doesn't matter). what i need to check is, if the sounds get really cached (and therefore played!) during the startup process.example:{STARTERA}filename=ban1strtviewpoint=1link=starterA.1{STARTERA.1}filename=touchdown or reverserviewpoint=2 or 1.....thats the question here....as viewpoint 1 indicates the sound get played inside the plane and viewpoint 2 means outside.I'll let you know my findings, but if you don't use any gyro_sound right now, this entry should solve it, but let me know!cheers and good luck!harald
  9. hi,more or less same here, but not at touchdown but whenever activating the reverser i had those micro,micro stutters. you can try the following step by step until the stutters are gone:1) sound driver update2) reduce sound acceleration in dxdiag notch by notch and see if it goes away3) use only one (1) touchdown sound for all wheels (left, right, front)4) delete the touchdown sound from the relevant sound.cfg and see if the stutters go away - if there are no stutters anymore, try to replace the touchdown sound with other one - if stutters occur also with an other tochdown sound, either fly without any touchdown sound (not really the best option) or try to incorporate the touchdown sounds "permanently" (permanently means, already cached at the beginning of the flight) into the sound.cfg with following trick (this helped me to get rid of my reverser stutters):enter into the relevant sound.cfg:{Gyro_Sound} filename=xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is the filename of the touchdown soundminimum_volume=0maximum_volume=0if you have already a gyro_sound entry, just enter another entry with the variables above.hope this helps!cheersharald
  10. hi,you can try the following and see if this helps:change the following in your fs9.cfg:AUTO_LOD=1 (from 0 to 1)TERRAIN_USE_VECTOR_OBJECTS=0 (from 1 to 0)TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=512 (from 1024 to 512)...tha'ts probably the biggest impact and solved my stutters and blurries!IMAGE_QUALITY=1 (from 0 to 1)TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=90.000000 (from 96 to 90)TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=30.000000 (from 10 to 30)TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.500000 (from 9.8 to 9.5)TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.500000 (from 4.8 tp 9.5)TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4 (from 1242456 to 4)hope this helps,cheers,harald
  11. hi all,i've already expected, that this is LCD related...i just wanted to be sure. anyhow, i'm also very, very happy with this monitor, and as i already mentioned, its not really a major problem...thanks for the great support here!cheers!harald
  12. Hi Chris and Jim,thanks you both for your switft reponses!@Chris: 32bit is set within FS2004@Jim: yes, thats right, i get somehow wide bands that do not blend - excatly! how come you know that? :-)If this is the nature of a LCD screen within FS2004, fine (well not find, but alas). I just want to be sure, this is somehow a "common problem" with bigger LCD's and FS2004 and is not driver-, settings- or whatorever related. My seetings re 4x AA amd 8x AF.here are the screenshots as well as AS settings:http://img468.imageshack.us/img468/87/dawn16ik.jpghttp://img307.imageshack.us/img307/7921/dawn23gn.jpghttp://img395.imageshack.us/img395/6415/dawn33jh.jpghttp://img276.imageshack.us/img276/4788/dawn49tw.jpghttp://img325.imageshack.us/img325/9476/dawn53rl.jpghttp://img325.imageshack.us/img325/2091/assettings0lu.jpgIf you can not see those "wide bands" let me know, I can send you both the shots via email (just zoom the pictures and you will see...)thank you both for your help!cheers!harald
  13. hi,this is probably not a specific Active Sky problem but rather a question maybe for Chris Willis or any other user with a LD screen or better, with the Dell 2405. half year ago or so i switched from my old 21" CRT monitor to a LCD DELL 24" (2405). I'm running this monitor in native mode (1920x1200x32 at 60mhz) with a 7800GTX card (84.21 nvidia forceware). Beside some recent clouds flickering (view distance is set to 29nm in AS, and i recently switched one notch higher (i think its 128x128, have to check when i'm home) from the lowest cloud setting (64x64 i think)..maybe thats the reason for the recent clouds flickering...will check again)...CPU is AMD3200 with 1gb ram).so far, i'm happy with my Dell and FS performance, but since the beginning, i noticed somehow a graphic distortion only when flying in dusk/dawn. the graphics from the skyset(s) (btw using wx-influencd only) from either sunrise/sunset or clouds in dawn/dusk is somehow noticable disorted...it looks like that the different colors from sunset/sunrise do not blend smoothly into each other (i will try to put a screenshot today or tomorrow).so, the questions are: - could this be skyset problem?- do other people having the same color/graphics problem with a LCD screen in dusk/dawn mode?- if not, is a specific color setting neccessary with the LCD screen?- any user out there having the same LCD screen and not having this problem and could maybe provide some useful tips/hints regarding screen settings, etc? its not a major problem, as i do not fly often in dawn/dusk mode..but still would like to get this fixed somehow.any help is appreciated!cheers and thanks!harald
  14. hi,in connection with active sky, i use 29nm as view distance, which gives no cloud pop ups in the distance as well as a "softy" haze horizon. hope this helpscheers,harald
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