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  1. Please ask John of Radar Contact to make this available
  2. There is now a demo available at YouTube, search for MeatWater!
  3. Being a permanent user of RC4 I always felt that the only real downside were the voices which did not really sound like real ATC. The sheer amount of single files (more than 80.000!) always kept me from working on them, but then I found a way to batch process them, which took a lot of workload from me. However, due to the nature of these files and because almost every different voice set had a different "base-sound" as well, it was still required to fine tune the parameters for every single voice set, which turned out to be a lot more work than expected/feared. Once started I didn't want to give up half way down the road, so after many hours I finally had a complete set with a more than satisfying result. By installing these remastered voice sets (not only the default ones but also many custom sets!), ATC will now sound almost as the pre-recorded, real chatter files, meaning that you will have to listen much more carefully now in order to hear messages that are directed to you. All voices now feature a "real" ATC sound, making RC4 immersive as never before. PART 1 of 5! NOTE: You MUST rename the files inside the downloaded zip files prior to extraction
  4. Same issue here. After a frech install of the 747-400 the -400F refuses to install stating that the passenger version is not installed...
  5. First off, I too have the annoying waves, but I was able to find two other fixes:1) renaming the file parked_aircraft_01.bgl to parked_aircraft_01.bgl.off will remove the blurry static aircraft.Then activate the AFCAD TJSJ_no_parked_aircraft.bgl to allow ATC to assign their parking spaces to other traffic.This will NOT remove the eye-candy DC-3s!2) one of the tree textures has no alpha channel, therefore trees look weird and flicker. Using DXTBMP extract the alpha channel from file imagine009_fa.bmp and import it to file imagine009.bmpI would offer this file here, but don't know how pecky Imagine Sim are about copyrights.And yes, it is a major bummer that they have no support forum.
  6. >>>>Guys,>>>>what's the point in writing that you never had problems with>>nDAC as you don't use the bulk printing function>>I guess we were trying to help you.>But hey...... have fun solving your problem.I guess you just got me wrong. It's just that I can't understand how something so basic is beeing left aside by the devs.Nick-------------------MeatWater
  7. Guys,what's the point in writing that you never had problems with nDAC as you don't use the bulk printing function (call that a "function!") when *that* is the component causing troubles? I too don't have any issues with nDAC apart from that. Spooky that it managed to scre* up a Win2K installation though.It's also sad that one must use workarounds (PDF printers etc.) in order to use a software in a way it is meant to be used.Printing charts is a basic thing, not really too much to ask for. Heya Navigraph-People, don't just make your software *look* like a professional tool - make it work.
  8. Has anyone tried using their "new" and hillariously announced "bulk-printing" feature? It's a joke and it goes like this:You select a number of charts to be printed out, let's say 16 charts. Now what would make sense and what even freeware-software is capeable of doing does NOT happen here. Navigraph - instead of bundling these 16 documents - sends 16 single pages to the printer, opening 16 dialogues and not allowing the user to print them in duplex-mode or to define any other page format than the default (it would have to be assigned seperately for *each* single page). You will agree that this is really outrageous and utterly annoying.If anyone of Navigraph should read this here, please see to it that this nonsense gets fixed as soon as possible. Take a look at how Flitestar handles this.-------------------Nick SchregerMeatWater
  9. >Hi,>>No, not at this time, but you never know what the future>holds!>>Thanks,>Jim>OK, make that "the near future" ;-)
  10. I like the weather map and the looks of the new version - is it possible to use it with fs9 as well? I know that weather works differently in FSX, but possibly these unsupported features could be turned off when linked to fs9?
  11. >Hi everyone,>>I'm working on a plan to fly my M.A.A.M.-SIM DC-3 (cargo>version) around the world (twice) in the 1939 era. I want to>use only the equipment and navigational techniques available>at that time. [...]>2)I won't use -- VOR, GPS, on-board map, heads-up display of>position and wind, any electronic tools (e.g., pocket>calculator), and ATC centers. Anything else I haven't>mentioned that would be a no-no in 1939?They did not have computers running FS2004 back then.
  12. >I cant install the Yak. when the installation is ready there>is no sound or texture map in FS9. When you try to load the>airctaft i Fs there is no Yak to find.>>Thomas>ESNNPlease make sure you install the original package first - you find the links at the same spot where the AddPack is located at AVSIM. There is no need to remove the AddPack files prior to this, just install the aircraft and THEN run the AddPack-Installation again.-------------------MeatWaterProfessional Audio 4 Entertainmentwww.meatwater.com
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