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  1. Merry Christmas to all. God bless our wondefful troops!Earl
  2. Hey Ken,I forgot you are from around here. I live in Dawson county (GA). Where are you?Earl
  3. Hey Chris!I was just thinking about you and AEU8 the other day and now here it is! I can't wait to download and try it out. I'm sure it will be eye popping good!Congrats on getting it done and out to the sim community. Glad to hear all is going well on the career front.God bless,Earl
  4. I would like tom add my thanks to AFG and to Thomas for a very, very great plane! I didn't know about the FSX patch until yesterday when this post came back around. This plane is fantastic! It flies extremely well. It has great frame rates. It looks like the real thing, even up around the windscreen. This is usually a trouble spot for most otherwise great looking planes. But not this one!I thing I did find was in the FSX patch, in the aircraft.cfg, the second paint (number 1):[fltsim.1]title = KingAir 300 v10 - D-IBER -sim = KingAir300model =panel = fsxsound = defaultThe sound has the word default next to it as shown above. You have to erase that word so this paint will have sound.Other than that, this is a wonderful plane!Thanks so much AFG and Thomas!God bless,Earl
  5. Hi John,I am still a little unclear myself as to why this is happening. It has to do with the extra layer of protection built in to Vista. What I do until I can understand the problem better, is to open the file, make my changes and then hit the "save as" selection rather than "save". I choose the "My Documents" folder or somewhere I can remember easily to save it in. Then I go back and cut from that location, go to the correct folder, back up the original file, then paste my new file replacing the original.I know this is a lot more than we are used to but honestly, it has saved me from making mistakes a couple of times already.hope this helps.Take care and keep FLY!ngEarl
  6. Hi Randall,I have a ton of elevation files in my data folder. I wonder if I podded those if it might help my system.Or, what do all you guys have use for elevation?Thanks,Earl
  7. John,I went exactly step by step following Ken Salters great sticky at the beginning of this forum:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...esg_id=55&page=Do not try to fly before first 5 steps are completed. Get to v240. I'm confident you'll have a great experience!Take care. All the best!Earl
  8. Hi John and G'day to my friend Roger,I am continually amazed at how well FLYII does on my Vista machine WITHOUT a video card!! I flew around a little last night with all sliders full right except traffic which is half. Now, in New York, forget it. I have to make adjustments, but seldom do I fly in huge cities anyway. I get between 16 and 88 FPS! Unbelievable!I am beginning to think a lot of problems are introduced by video drivers for nVidia and ATI. I read in FSX forums how nVidia drivers are still not right and causing troubles. Please don't get me wrong, I need a video card and plan to get one as soon as I can afford one. Its just that, I never expected this little Core Duo 925 to be able to fly FSX or FLYII. It works quite well.As to Vista, I have had no issues whatsoever with Vista. It seems very robust. It crashed once due to FSX and a addon I was trying to get to work but it came right back with no problems.I say go ahead with Vista. FLYII installed easily and with no errors at all as did FSX.Best regards to all. God bless.Earl925 3GHz, 1G RAM, On board 946GZ 3000 video Graphics chip, on board Realtech sound, Vista w/1255 driver
  9. Did you delete the FSX directory? If not, back up whatever files you want to keep, uninstall again and delete the directory. Try re installing. If you still get the error, call Microsoft.Sorry you are having so much trouble.God bless,Earl
  10. I think that may be a separate issue. This means you don't have FSX properly registered and it is operating in demo mode. I never did use it as demo so can't comment any further except it seems to me I've read others could add stuff to it without any issue. I would certainly get it registered and check your issues again, but don't think that will affect it. But you'll be properly registered which you'll need when you get the other issues fixed. Be patient and keep working on it, you will figure it out eventually.Try removing all your added on stuff to the point everything works properly. Then add back one at a time till you find the culprit.Earl
  11. What are your system spec? Video drivers? This sounds like a vid driver thing to me but not sure...Earl
  12. I installed the FlyBe CRJ with no crashing or anything. Did you place the full folder in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder? Even if you didn't, I don't see why your program would crash...Why can't you fly at night? After SP1, the only night problems I have are the 747 and CRJ exterior textures will light up in bright blue if you have the panel light on, turn it off and everything is ok. Of course you have to turn it back on so you can see the panel, so just don't go outside on these two planes. You can't go outside in the real plane.All the rest fly and look fine.Earl
  13. I'm sure you guys know what you're talking about, but for those of us who are just knowledgeable to dangerous to ourselves and others...Vist already has DX10:1-why does FSX install 9c?2-what are DX RunTimes? Are they the same thing as DX9C?Thanks,Earl
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