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  1. Ryan,And does the same apply for the Engravity CDU drivers?
  2. If I were you I would wait to by a motherboard based on the new Nvida 680i chipset because there are some serious harddisk problems arising (see http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...50aHVzaWFzdA==)For a mainstream motherboard, the Intel P965 chipset is doing great, especially for cheap overclocking. The higher-end P975 is good aswell, but pretty expensive. Personally I wait for the new DFI motherboard, based on the RD600 chip (from ATI), this will be a huge beast.Hope this helps
  3. David,Yes I would consider additional cooling in the system you specify. First thing you should look for is a good case. I haven an Antec P180 and it has a great air flow, combined with a Thermaltake Big Typhoon CPU cooler I manage quite ok (+/- 40
  4. fly_ebos


    Actually, there will be no 64-bit version of FSX. One of the FSX-designers (tdragger) confirmed this in the general discussion forum.check: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...g_id=8513&page=
  5. Can anybody from PSS confirm this please ????
  6. Can somebody confirm if there ADF2 is working?
  7. Hi,As in the v1 version, I can still not select an ADF2 frequency in the CDU. I reported it after release, but did not get fixed?
  8. Paul,Engravity has a website where they sell the CDU and other cockpitparts: www.737cockpit.comTotal pricetag for the CDU is +/- 1325 Euro. Not cheap but totally worth it!!
  9. Hi,Found these pics with the search function:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=search
  10. Sorry to ask this again and again (I'm starting to feel like a whiner), but any news on when the Engravity drivers will be ready? It seems that is taking a really long time to finish.:(
  11. Ryan,Could you explain a bith further about the magvar? Could be solution here?
  12. >Rey,>>Is this occuring on every flight? If so, I'm betting on a>corrupted magvar file in your FS install or something to that>effect.Ryan,Yes this is happening with every flight! Interesting thought of you, where can I find the original one? (which file),To the other poster: yes I always do full alignment with the correct coordinates.
  13. Mmm, I'm not really sure why either, but that's why I contact you ;)I believe it could be a conflict with a 3d-party software because with a clean install I did not have the problem...
  14. Randy,I'll try to explain the situation. At Gibraltar (LXGB) RWY27, flight plan loaded for a flight to EBBR.Weather: Activesky 6No SID loaded, just selected RWY27 in the CDU, reconfirmed the first waypoint (a vor called MAR) I included a pic from my situation 5 minutes after departure. You can see the autopilot does not track the LNAV, and that's quite frustrating...I some other posts, it was suggested to reconfirm to direct waypoint, but that doesn't help either.Can you solve this please because it makes my Queen unusable... And I did not have this problem when the Queen was released, only with the V1.1 upgrade...
  15. I am having issues with LNAV aswell, after takeoff it does not proceed directly to the first waypoint. I made a clean FS install and problem solved, then I reinstalled my addons and the problem reappeared....
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