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  1. >A few minutes ago I was departing 6L at ANC. I was cleared by>FS ATC to take off. I was on my takeoff roll when a Beech>1900 decides to cross the runway. You guess what happened, I>do have Ultimate traffic running.>Actually that was me in the B1900!! :-lol :-lol I thought I could make it accross before you hit me. Sorry!!!:+
  2. Hi Folks. Can anyone please tell me what the maximum allowable value is for goods imported to the United States, before one would be required to pay taxes or duties? Is there such a value, below which taxes or duties are not applicable?I would like to get a model aircraft kit from a Canadian designer, and have to ship it to the US first, before I can bring it where I live. (Outside US).Thanks in advance
  3. >P.S. - this post also serves the purpose of posting once per 6>months (or whatever the time requirement is) ;-)Now that is a really good way to keep your account active!! I think that I'll just copy you!!}(
  4. Yes Sir, there are. I run (well used to run, since I have not simmed in a long while now) FS 2002 pro on my main pc, while I have all the others (Active Sky wxRE, FS RealTime, ServerInfo, Vatsim's AVC, and SquawkBox) on the second pc. This allows me to have the best performance possible with the hardware I have.What is really cool is that the second pc I use to run all these programs is an old pentium II running at 233 Mhz, and 256 Mb of SDRAM.The important thing to remember is that you need WideFS to interface both computers. I don't know if there is anyway to make it work otherwise.Good Luck!
  5. >Some things were not so good
  6. These are really nice pictures. Thanks for posting them.
  7. Thank you very much, Mats, for sharing the solution. I had exactly the same problem, but it is now gone after I got rid of the AF2*.bgl files.
  8. >I speak fluent pidgin English if that is any help>>ScottScott, Where you for speak pidgin reach?
  9. Hello Damian and Jim, I have been using this for a few days now. Seems Ok. One thing did happen this morning that you may be interested in: For some reason, it seems that I was stuck with high aloft winds (43kts) until touchown at EFMA. First time I have seen this is a long time. I did not use the destination force option, could that be the reason why?Thanks for all your support.
  10. Thank You very much for the information. I see that this is in the US; learning to fly under the wing of the CAP will be no good to me, because I am not in the US.
  11. If you have the assigments set correctly, and still have the problem, you can download the CH control manager from the CH products web site. Use that to set a small null zone. That solved the problem for me.
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