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  1. Concerning the newly uploaded Cargoair at Avsim.com, after installation I noticed that .ptp file contains an America West livery instead of Cargoair. Larz Granson
  2. >Okay, by gates - do you mean the scenery object "Jetway"?>>or do you mean gates as FS uses it to define an invisible>parking spot for an aircraft?>>There are airports - TAPA and NTAA for example - which do not>have jetways in the real world - and they do not in FSX.>>But they do have parking for aircraft.>>Others like KBAD and EGUN have apron areas - but no parking or>jetways (most military bases are setup that way).>>Most of the airports in all versions of FS do not have parking>and are nothing but a runway in the middle of a flatten>airport polygon.>>I have found that on airports with Jetways - you get about>25-30% of the jetways at the Normal scenery density and only>all of the Jetways at the Extremely Dense setting.I meant gates as parking_types not jetways. Most of ai-jetliners use gate not ramp as parking spot. As we have no tool for editing airports in FSX I guess the only way to have some traffic in these airports is to change the aircraft.cfg file?! A lot of them.LG
  3. I have it on dense right now, I'll try with very dense.thanksLG
  4. Hi,I added some traffic to FSX and noticed that at some airports traffic where missing. I found that some airports do not have any gates, just ramps. Is there a way to change these parking spots?LG
  5. Thanks allThen I'll go for a 6600GT, just to pick a brand: Asus, Gainward or XFX?LG
  6. Hi,I will use this card for a couple years, so it will be a 256 MB.The 6600 GT seems to be a very fast card in this class, that's good.I've checked out cards from ASUS and Gainward and liked what I saw.What I'm afraid of, is this shimmering. Is this something that happends with a specific brand or is it driver version specific?Thank'sLG
  7. Hi,Need some advice on this. What should I go for: Geforce 6600 GT or Radeon X700 PRO?Also, do I need 256 MB video memory or is it enough with 128 MB?Thank's for answersLG
  8. Tried it with WideFS and it seems to work.LG
  9. It works OK, just a glitch: It's not internationally written. I livein Scandinavia and we use comma as decimal separator not period.First run showed an Exception Handling Error, fixed by changingdecimal separarator. Hope this will be fixed.LG
  10. lago

    Downloading right now.Downloaded Linate LIML yesterday and it also looks very good, also low FPS-hits.LG
  11. Read here, it will fix your problem.Look at section no. 1.http://fokker.avsim.net/support.htmLG
  12. Hi,Try here: http://mitchspanelshop.comLG
  13. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...9&topic_id=2006
  14. Include these lines in FS9.cfg[OLDMODULES]ADF2MOD.DLL=1Lago
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