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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but... I'm able to get RC4toXplane up and running with no issues, however, I am unable to get the plugin to respond to any keyboard input. I've checked settings, read the manual, have the most recent XPUIPC, and have tried multiple different cadences with the keyboard input. I'm able to get the RC4 weather brief if I manually change frequencies in the cockpit, but nothing when pressing keys. Any ideas/help appreciated!
  2. jsshields

    forget FSX, but full sliders in FS9??

    I went out and upgraded just for FSX: AMD 3600, 7300s in SLI, 4GB RAMThe joke was on me. I can run FSX well, but graphically, it is sub-par referenced against FS9 with GE, FE, and UT.Bright side is, sliders are all right, frames are great (locked at 25, and I rarely see a dip), and visually is more than I could've hoped for.For me, its like FS9 became the 'new thing'. Granted, there's been some funds going to add-ons, but I'm extrememly happy about the results, and don't even think about firing up FSX.Plus side, I'm reading alot of posts about the 'holdouts' sticking with FS9, which makes me feel less behind the 8-ball. :)
  3. jsshields

    A question regarding framerate...

    Does it happen in a static view, or are you changing views, looking around VC, etc.? I notice my framerates change a bit when I look around or change views. Usually not as drastic as yours (just a couple frames down from a lock at 24), but they do shift around. Its not unusual for me to drift a couple frames up and down just flying along and maintaining the same view.
  4. jsshields

    Forum speeds?

    Anyone have a fix for emote textures?
  5. jsshields

    FSX - 737-800 Start Valves

    Hi Paul,If you're referring to the autopilot, then yes, it does work...at least mine does. We we're discussing the FSX default 738 start procedure earlier. For some reason, once the engines are up, the start valve warning light stays on.Jeff
  6. jsshields

    FSX - 737-800 Start Valves

    I thank you for the info. In any case, I did try jdyoung's instruction from the post above with no luck.So now I'm just doing the procedure within the limitations of the default panels, and then using the Ctrl-E command as it runs it through again (kinda in the background, as it were) and then the lights go out.
  7. jsshields

    FSX - 737-800 Start Valves

    It does! Thanks much!
  8. jsshields

    FSX - 737-800 Start Valves

    Excuse the bump...
  9. Be gentle...After firing up the engines on the 737, the 'Start Valve Open' warning light stays, well, lit.Is this normal? And, if not, what do I do to turn it off?Jeff
  10. jsshields

    Some *more* help for Autogen?

    I've installed these and given 'em a run around KSEA. The difference, in FPS, is noticeable on the meter, but fairly small (about 5 frames per sec). Visually, though, there is no difference to me- which says a lot, I think. Great fix- thanks! Gonna try the clouds now...Jeff
  11. I did the same, going from a Geforce 6600 128MB DDR to a Geforce 7600GS 512MB 128-bit GDDR2. I have a 3.0 with 2 GB RAM.The following is anecdotal, at best, since I haven't tried to replicate flights in the same areas, aircraft, etc, between the two versions and cards:Running the demo, I was getting about 4-6 FPS running the visual approach mission in the CRJ. I didn't play with the settings at all. Just encountering the stuttering graphics prompted me to upgrade the card before I got my hands on the retail version.Since the card upgrade (I now have the retail (deluxe) version), I was getting 8-9 (with some swings up to 11-13) FPS on the ground at KSEA and KBFI in pretty much every aircraft. In the air on flights to PDX I would get upwards of 18-20. I've since made the terrain adjustments to the FSX.cfg found in this forum and on PC-12's blog, added Matt's autogen file, and played with the sliders a bit. Most are set pretty high (none below medium high, except for the cars, which are set at 10%, which looks perfect to me where I fly).Now I'm getting 13-15 on the ground (larger airports including KSEA and LAX), and easily 21-25 in the air. I set my target FPS for 25.My plan (once I escape from work) is to go back in and lower the TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=XXX to something lower than 300, which is what I have it at now....see if I can squeeze a few more frames outta that.Jeff
  12. Hi,I'm a rookie with FSDS, and started a project making a Cessna 180/185. Although I have most of the plane complete, I've hit a few snags, mostly related to my ineptitude with textures and an inability to 'perfect' my VC.I'm looking for any interested parties who might want to jump on board and help complete this project. In addition to the FSDS files I've completed so far, I have a 2D panel (two versions), and an .air file designed and tested by 3 RW pilots, including 1 with many years of 180 experience. I'll keep the names of the others confidential for now, but they are familiar around the sim community, esp. the 'local' bush forums.What I really need is:1. Someone adept with FSDS to take over the 'finishing' work on the model (and fix any mistakes I've made).2. A texture person who can give this project the look it deserves.3. Anyone else who might have something to give to the project that I might be overlooking. :-)I know this is a tall order and asking a lot, but I think this plane would be a great addition to the freeware out there and would love to get some help getting it flying.Let me know if you are interested by replying here or e-mailing me: shields"at"regionalpacific.comThank you!JeffYou can see what I've got so far by checking out the attachments below:
  13. Hi,You might have better luck finding answers in the FSSC forum: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=175I'm not sure why certain options are disabled in FSSC. Are you certain you have the most recent version?I believe the Background Bitmap selection currently only adds an image to the palatte so that you have a point of reference when adding macros, etc. I don't think its actually places a bmp onto the terrain. Of course, I'm a novice with FSSC so likely mistaken. You'll probably find your answer in the other forum.
  14. Not really a problem... but noticed that one of the parts (a dock piling) of my macro isn't showing periodically. When I pan around in Spot view, the part will show, but when up close it disappears. Anyone know what could be causing this and if there is a fix?Thanks, Jeffhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/52579.jpg
  15. Hi Joe,The files are all there (in the addon scenery folder). I also have .bgls in my regular scenery folder for the scratch airport. These were created by FSSC, so for example, I have (in my addon folder) AF_test.bgl, and in my regular folder I might have FSSC_test.bgl (as an example). As far as I know, these files have different scenery aspects compiled, such as the parking changes done in the regular AFCAD .bgl, and maybe an additional building added with the FSSC .bgl (if that makes sense). From what I understand, this shouldn't conflict. I haven't had any problem with crashes.I'm starting to wonder if the conflict could be caused by some other program files, such as UT or the FSSC files, but don't see why that would be.Jeff