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  1. Hi all! I've been a long time flight simmer and have FINALLY made the transition to Radar Contact. Have to say I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I can honestly say I've joined the ranks of "I'm never flying with the default ATC again!" Great job and thanks for the realism!On occasion I like to listen to real ATC via internet (who doesn't :))and I hear a phrase that I have not encounterd in RC. When a plane is nearing its approach a controller will say "reduce speed to ..." or "slow to ...." for spacing. I know RC will speed up those AI in front of you or slow down faster AI in back but does it ever use those phrases?If not I would like to drop it in the suggestion box for the next release. Overall - top notch and loads of fun. :)John
  2. Agreed!ACES have stated in the past that FS is viewed as a base product that is meant to be expanded upon through third party development. Given that position, wouldn't it make sense that the product would perform at its maximum potential at release date or shortly there after? I understand their logic in wanting to keep FS selling long term, but, given the above base product argument, wouldn't the longevity of FS interest be fueled by add-ons? In additon, by the time an individual purchases/upgrades a machine with enough horse-power to get the out of box FS up to full throttle (no tweaks), it's time to purchase a new version of FS! Ridiculus!I agree with the original post - start with a product that runs well on the top of the line machine at release date and let us enjoy shelling out money for add-ons for the next 2-3 years to enhance it. I promise you we won't get bored.John
  3. It's nice to hear something nice about FSX every once in a while. While I am not a real life pilot, I enjoyed reading your experience. Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks for the input. I believe that most of the time the engine/avionics are off before I slew. I appreciate your help!
  5. >Seems you have a lot of power including that of making>arbitrary decisions as you seem fit.>Would you please put up a "rules for posting" section at the>top of the forum-I am well within my rights to suggest this.>I found the copy of the rules on the forums main page. It's on the right hand side under the bullet: Terms of Use. I mean no offense, just trying to be helpful. :)IMPORTANT! READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS DOCUMENT BEFORE REGISTERING!Thank you for your interest in joining the AVSIM forums and user community! We look forward to seeing you online and as an active participant in, and contributor to, the best simulation community on the Internet. Before you register however, please take a moment and carefullly read the following. We regret the need to force this upon you, but in the interest of the larger community that you will join upon acceptance, it is important that you understand the rules under which this system operates.Please also understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN A PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED FORUM. If you believe that you should have unfettered freedom of speach without equal responsibility for its use, then the AVSIM forums are not for you.The AVSIM Forums Acceptable Use Policies and User AgreementThese policies are strictly enforced and you will be held responsible for abiding by them. Please read carefully. Your use of this system is explicit agreement to these terms.AVSIM Online reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these policies and the user agreement without prior notice to the user. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review the terms of this agreement.Your account must adhere to the following:1.) Your user ID (Nickname) can be your choice, but you must provide your REAL FULL First and Last Name. Any accounts that do not have a real full first and last name provided will be removed. Note: Your username cannot be changed once you register, so please be careful when deciding on that. If you want to change your username, you will need to contact the forum admin to remove your account.2.) Your email address SHOULD be your regular ISP based email address not one of the free anonymous mail systems, such as Hotmail and Yahoo. A password email will be emailed to the address you enter, so take care to enter it correctly.3.) You are allowed ONLY ONE ACCOUNT. Multiple accounts will be removed.NOTE: You can disable the email and address information in your user account once you sign up, but it must be available for AVSIM Staff in your master record. 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  6. How true! However, I only use slew to positon my aircraft on the ground for a good starting position (parking spot) and then save the flight for future use. I don't like the default parking spots.
  7. the HSI on the Mooney Bravo does not turn properly when the aircraft is turning in slew mode. The HSI turns at a much slower rate than the actual turning of the aircraft resulting in an erroneous reading on the heading when switching back from slew to normal. The only way to reset the HSI after exiting slew mode is to reselect the aircraft from the menu. Try it and see.John
  8. What a great way to commute to work! :)One caution: Bird strike! Ouch! :(
  9. Hi all!I like to fly Continental Airline routes which frequently brings me into Cleveland-Hopkins. I recently saw an announcement on AVSIM that BluePrint Simulations have created a GMAX version of KCLE for FSX and have been thinking of purchasing it. http://www.blueprintsimulations.com/BluePrint_KCLE.htmI have read on the company support page that there are currently two issues with their scenery and FSX.1. The tree textures are poor and unrealistic.2. There are no moving jetways. The company has indicated that both of these issues will be fixed in the near future. It was further explained that not all jetways will be animated, only selected ones. Could someone using this add-on offer their impressions? Will the photo scenery that surrounds the airport take away the AI freeway traffic that is currently found near the default airport? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!John
  10. No problems here.Just my shot in the dark - Do you have a firewall updated/activated that may not be allowing communication in/out for RW updates?Good luck.John
  11. Best way to find out before making the commitment to purchase is to try the free trial version available here:http://www.fsinsider.com/Downloads/Good luck! :-)John
  12. Me too. I have a drop of 2 FPS when FSUIPC is in my FSX module folder. When I remove it, my FPS goes back up. Weird. On Pete's forum it was suggested that Simconnect may not function properly at times causing this drop. He recommeded deleting a simconnect dll file (can't remember where it was off the top of my head) and let FSX do a repair function using the install cd to put it back - hopefully correcting the issue. I followed the instructions given and still encounter the same 2 FPS drop. If anyone has any other ideas I'd love to hear them. :-)John
  13. in the FSX default 737-800? I was under the impression that it would have wing flex, although I'm not sure how I got that impression. Perhaps just wishful thinking. I see wing flex with the glider and a little with the 747 but have never seen it at all with the 737-800. I have advanced animations checked and animation details set to max. My video card is a GeForce 6200 256mb.Thanks for responding.John
  14. Thanks to a recommendation by Geofa I downloaded and use the freeware program Smart Close:http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/SmartClose/smartclose.htmlThis does what you are looking for. Cheers!John
  15. Hey Chuck!I think you are speaking of this rework:1. Go to your FSX folder where your FSX.cfg resides.2. Open the Controls folder3. Open the Standard.XML file using notepad.4. Scroll down to almost the bottom until you find the heading and under it the label for CH FLIGHT SIM YOKE USB5. Replace the entry lines Index 6 and Index 7 with this: 6GEAR_UP7GEAR_DOWN6. Save your changes.7. Load FS and you should now have to toggle up for gear up and toggle down for gear down. Cheers!John
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