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  1. Gents,Again, thank you for your replies. I've tried the 169 drivers, and they seem not only to bog down FSX, but everything else on my system as well.I did revert back to the 9x drivers mentioned above, and wow, what a great difference! The sim runs smooth, and looks good as well!Thanks again!Ken
  2. Paul,Yes I do have XP SP2; I'll give those drivers a go, thanks for your reply!Ken
  3. Greetings all.Since my migration back to FS9; I've been having issues with the AA and other settings taking shape. First off, my system specs:Dell XPS400 Dual Core 2.6GeVGA 7950GT 512 PCIe22" Viewsonic LCD2 Gig ram160G 7200rmp HDCurrent drivers are the 163 series; as the 169s I've used seem to slow down my system; or have issues with the monitor; cant quite tell, but it just seems "slow"...like my IE, quicken, etc. Flashes, bluriness....stuff like that.I've been searching here and there on the forums, and have found a few good posts on what folks have setting wise using NHancer, and I've been trying to use them.It seems that no matter what I try, the only way I can get things to work, is in Full Screen Mode. However the issues that arrise are stutters, and slowness; and the fact that I can't use FSNav or anyting else that requires a seperate monitor/window. I go to window'd mode, and I get blurries and jaggies all over the place, no matter if I have the setting is FS checked or unchecked!Thoughts?Thanks all,Ken L.
  4. Gents,I really appreciate your resopnses! REX looks pretty interesting! Now off I go with Creidt Card in hand ;-)Ken L.
  5. Greetings all,After spending numerous hours of tweeking, removing and reinstalling drivers, defragging, etc; I've decided to remove FSX from my system and go back to FS9. My 2 yr old system just cannot handle FSX with the settings I prefer. Saying that, I am seeking opinions on what folks are using for:MeshTerrainEnvironmentWeatherI'd rather spend a "few" bucks on the above, instead of spending 300 plus on a new vid card, that I would probably have to spend more on updating my system to use said card!My current sys is:Dell XPS 400; dual core 2.6ghz cpueVGA 7950GT 512meg, PCIe graphics card with latest NvId drivers2 Gig ram22" Viewsonic LCD MonI can run fs9 on this sys with everything maxed out and maintain 20 FPS with very little "stutters" if at all.Thanks all!
  6. Gents,I did download this utility, and found no movement in any of the categories; and could not find the settings in my Bios area either. My System is about a year and a half old which is:Dell XPS 400; Dual Core 2.8 ghz2 Gig RameVGA GeForce 7950 GX DDR3 PCIe Card with 512 meg160G 7200 Seagate HDNow, I did download the latest drivers from Nvid and install them (using the uninstaller, going to safe mode, running that nifty litte program to "really" uninstall the old drivers, then installing the newest ones).Next, I have NHancer running. I installed SP2 for FSX, ran FSX to the main menu, exited, defragged, rebooted, and then restarted FSX. I ran the default flight, used my mouse to bring up the menu, and as soon as I selected the option to turn off Full Screen; bamn, crash.So, I restared FSX, this time I just tried to use the key function Ctl Alt....bamm, crash.So, I thought, maybe I should shut off NHancer and try it again. I shut it off, restarted FSX, pulled up the menu while in full screen mode....un-checked Full Screen and what do you know, it went to windowed mode! I was ALLLLL excited! Flew around, changed acft, locations, time....all worked. So I exted FS; restarted and it goes to Windowed mode....cool, lets go back to full screen....cool it worked, lets go back to windowed.....bamm....crash. WTH I thought? So I started NHancer back up, started FS which now goes to windowed mode and all works good, but as soon as I go to full screen and try to use the menues....crash....with Nhancer both off and on. What happened? I have no clue. But at least I can use SP2 which seems to run a bit smoother with a new FSX.CFG file and no modifications....in windowed mode....which I guess I prefer. Just thought I'd share my story.Ken
  7. Bill,When you say "In FSX I started out flying in windowed mode. No problem"How did you start FSX in windowed mode? I thought the default was full-screen? I'd love to try this howerver, I cannot figure out how to make FSX start in Windowed mode without first changing it in the sim from Full to Windowed...which I cannot do due to the CTD as soon as I access the menu!Thanks,Ken
  8. Uuhhg. FSX/SP2 required....as a person who cannot use SP2 because of my hardware/driver issue I guess I'm stuck with SP1 and the disability to move forward with yet another fine product. I'm looking forward to FSXI in a way, then again, I'll have to buy a new computer to even run it at 1/2 the abilities I'm sure.Sorry to rant....I guess this old man just hates progress at times ;-)
  9. Very interesting thread. I've installed a ton of WOAI packages into my FSX and have never had a problem with NOT having any AI; usually the places I fly are pretty well stocked with what I've installed. So, if I do what are in these posts, what will happen?Next, do you have to do this with the payware traffic programs that claim to be for FSX?Thanks all!
  10. Dear sir,Well, I for one found out from their website that there was no 2d or virtual flight deck before even downloading it. That in itself would have saved you a few mins of your time and frustration. And, a good search of the various fs sites would have also helped you in your search for a VC. Do a little research before posting; it sure can do you wonders.Respectfully,Ken L.
  11. >This really seems to be a Vista/Nvidia issue.>I was getting some screen flickering (monitor shutting down>for 1/2 second and reviving) with DX9, very often when opening>sub-windows.>This problem is also solved with the above trick.>Computers....>>*:-* And, it is still a XP/FSX with SP2/Nvidia issue....some have found releive with the latest drivers, some have not.
  12. Speaking of SP2/NVidia; do these latest drivers fix the CTD when accessing the menu in full screen mode for us XP/pre DX10 folks?Thanks,
  13. Excellent update, thank you so much! Got a quick question for you. Will there be a need for a dual release? I.e., for those still using FSX SP1 and another for FSX SP2?Thanks!Ken LeMay
  14. Robert,Great post, thanks for this information! It's refreshing to see a manufacturer have interest in this sort of thing! Ken
  15. thanks for the link, thats some good reading!
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