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  1. Ok, thanks kiek. I am not trying to be dumb on this topic, and I have seen some minor talk about being able to do this but no real guide of how or links to small programs that have already been created. I don't think I have the programming knowledge to pull this off. I am trying to avoid monthly fees (Real Traffic) by using my data provider status from FlightRadar24 and Flightaware. Thanks. Steve
  2. Ok, so if I understand you right...you have to create an application like RealTraffic that does this? It is not as simple as opening ports and listening? Steve
  3. I have read the PSXT protocol document on the website but I am still confused. I am a provider to both Flightaware and Flightradar24 via Raspberry Pi setup on my network. How or can I use that to be able to inject real world traffic into P3D? Steve
  4. >Hi,>>Yes, we do, but there are a few users that have not been able>to see this. Maybe slightly understated...one just has to scan the threads and it becomes evident real quick that wx depictions that do not reflect the current METARs are quite prevalent in ASX. There is no way that you can garner an 800' OVC deck in his 2nd photo above that shows the current METAR and the airplane on short final in extreme VMC conditions.I have been a loyal customer of HiFi and its wonderful products, but this release (ASX+ASG) is a major step backward and has throttled me from future purchases on release day. I don't care if it points to an FSX problem....state so in the product discription and quit misleading folks to think it is their setup/computer that prevents them from getting it to work right. Look at it folks, they respectfully/honestly try to help for a few replies when people have wx depiction problems and it always just resolves into no resolution. I have a high end system with the finest video card with all the latest drivers and I can get FSX to run in the 50-80 fps range...so it is not my system that prevents ASX from working. I have settled in with letting FSX download the weather for itself using the internal Jeppsen option and I get steady accurate weather.Steve
  5. Man where were all you guys when I brought up the lack of true overcast conditions months ago. It seemed like I was a lone voice, there were a few people that spoke up on this topic, but I could have used the additional crowd jumping on the bandwagon. I to remember, on one earlier version of MS Flt Sim and Wx add-ons, a definite in the weather and out of the weather sensation that has now been lost for many years. Today's weather depiction methods seem to use more visibility techniques to simulate cloud layers rather than the actual overcast or broken layer causing you to lose complete sight of the ground (like in the real world). A thin overcast (250 -OVC) at 25,000 feet is different than a lower (050 OVC) overcast deck. The one at 5000 feet is not going to be transparant. The one at altitude can sometimes be transparant.Using FSX Jeppsen wx there have been times where I went into the weather and it went totally white around me and no ground in sight. With ASX I honestly cannot think of a time where I have "disappeared into" the weather. I've brush clouds, I've entered a cloud layer, and I've cleared the weather on top, but at no time do I lose complete contact with the ground somewhere around my aircraft. I think the visibility and the precipitation models in ASX are awesome and quite realistic but the overcast/cloud models (to be honest in all weather add-ons for FS9 and FSX) are still lacking.Steve
  6. The registry tool did not fix this. The FS9 version still locks up and crashes to desktop on the AIRAC load. Went back to original FS9 version (v1.1?) without the FSX modified FS9 version and all is well again. So the new FSX patched version of the FS9 aircraft is not working for me.Steve
  7. I cannot for the life of me find the pinned registry fix you are talking about. If you are talking about the one that modifies the location of FS9, I already did that manually and that worked for one load and when I came back to it a few days later it was back to crashing again. Can you provide the path to the Topic? ThanksSteve
  8. I have this problem not on the FSX version, that is working fine, but if I load up the FS9 version it crashes to desktop on the AIRAC load. Posted this a few days back and have got no response yet.
  9. I have the updated 747-400 for FS9 since I purchased the FSX version and now everytime I load the FS9 version it crashes on the AIRAC load. I have tried 07-11 and 07-09 and they both do it. I have also copied the 6 or so files from the FSX Navdata folder over to the FS9 folder and same result. HelpSteve
  10. >Will it solve the overcast issues?Don't hold your breath on an answer to this topic. I am sure if they had a line on fixing this issue they would have announced it along with the wind shift fix.
  11. Robert,Anything for us yet that are paid but without product? ThanksSteve
  12. Robert,I sent you an email (AVSIM) with additional information...did you get it? Stephen Chappel
  13. Well it has been 7 hours now since I ordered and still no email from PMDG. Financially the transaction went through. Can I please have someone contact me and tell what the plan is on getting me a download link? ThanksSteve
  14. Does that mean Paypal orders are manually dealt with or do you think there is a problem with my order?
  15. Used Paypal and got the receipt from Paypal showing the money transfer but have been waiting over 15 mins so far for the order confirmation email to come from PMDG with the download link. How long does it take?Steve
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