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  1. mtcross

    Night shift over the Asia | PMDG 777 | OMDB-WSSS

    Brilliant trip report! You seem to have a knack for it. Would love to see more. Mike
  2. mtcross

    737 and Keyboard Problems

    >David,>>I experience the same problem with my bird. >>I havent figured out what causes this problem yet, but I>assume some other add-on overwrites one or more files that>make this phenomenon happen. >>Steve Do you own the Super 80 from Flight 1? I think my keyboard problem started after installing it.Mike
  3. mtcross

    737 and Keyboard Problems

    >I've found that if I use the keyboard for FMC entry (by>clicking on the side black panel) my keyboard won't work>unless I cancel the FMC keyboard command. Works fine then.You misunderstand the issue we are having. As soon as the PMDG 737 is loaded, before doing anything, the keyboard is unresponsive. For example pressing ALT will not pull up the FS menu at the top of the screen or pressing S will not switch views. For myself this is a recent problem.I mentioned the FMC because I found it interesting that the keyboard works when in FMC mode. Meaning if I click the side black panel to turn on keyboard mode I can then use the keyboard to enter text into the FMC and the ALT key allows me access to the FS menus. However as soon as I turn off keyboard mode the keyboard stops working again. The only thing I can do with the keyboard is alt+tab out of FS to the desktop.
  4. mtcross

    737 and Keyboard Problems

    I'm suddenly having the same problem. The keyboard stops working when loading the PMDG 737 but as soon as I load a different aircraft it works normally. Will let you know if I figure it out.One thing I should add is if you turn on keyboard mode (for the FMC) they keyboard works again. But as soon as you close the FMC or turn of keyboard mode the keyboard stops working again.Regards,Mike