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  1. SP2 on XP/DX9 working fine for me using 169.21 driver and 8800GTX.I waited for positive news about this driver release before installing SP2.Regards,Rich
  2. I see it too on the navigation bar in Firefox. Renders fine in IE.Regards,Rich
  3. I have the eVGA 8800GTX and recommend it. Runs great at 1920 X 1200 with all the settings turned up high. It is power hungry; you need a power supply that can support TWO PCIE connections. Of course with FSX, your frame rates are limited by CPU. I would only recommend the 8800GTX if you need 1920x1200 or higher; less than this and it is probably overkill for FSX.Regards,Rich
  4. My results are about the same. I can easily overclock the E6750 between 3.2 and 3.4 with 2GB Corsair DDR2-1066. No luck with 4GB of same memory. I went back to 2GB since FSX was not using more than 2GB.Regards,Rich
  5. Thanks Jim.Same problem with high priority. Sounds similar to the other gentlemen that just posted with title "SP1 broke ASX for me". 100% CPU utilization after SP1 installed.I since moved ASX/SP1 to a networked machine and have not seen the problem. So I am happy for now.Regards,Rich
  6. After installing ASX SP1, the program no longer functions. After clicking on the map screen, the station input field exhibits slow response and weather does not update in response to station changes. The XEngine process runs continuously between 50% and 70% CPU on this screen.I uninstalled ASX and reinstalled the original release; the problem disappeared. After applying SP1, the problem came back.Any ideas?ThanksRich
  7. The GoFLight devices are HID compliant, so if you have the programming skills (to program an I/O card), you can also program GoFlight using the standard HID protocols and SimConnect. In this way, I was able to customize the GoFlight hardware well beyond the provided software. However, having dealt with GoFlight support, I too will pursue an I/O card solution in the future.Best Regards,Rich
  8. C# + .NET + SimConnect managed wrapper: it works fine out of the box.
  9. Lattitude and longitude can be expressed as Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds (D-M-S). 1 Degree = 60 Minutes. 1 Minute = 60 Seconds. 1 Minute of Lattitude is also 1 Nautical Mile; the same is not true for Longitude.http://webusers.warwick.net/~u1007204/gs/chartsym.html
  10. Hi Strange,Here are some of the options. There may be others...1) As mentioned, simply undock it and drag to second monitor on same PC running FSX. This works for sure. You may see a frame rate decrease.2) Use built-in FSX shared cockpit feature on second PC. Requires two PCs and two copies of FSX. Never tried it; anyone have experience with this?3) Use third party panels on written for Simconnect/FSUIPC/WideFS. Works better on 2nd PC. Here is one: http://www.projectmagenta.com/products/gagc.html4) Write your own panels and gauges using SimConnect. Programming skills required.Regards,Rich
  11. rich135

    AVSIM Store?

    <<>>I agree Astrodave. I recently purchased $1500 of GoFlight gear. The brand new MCP PRO has the "freezing" issue described in the release notes. I have been sending emails to GoFlight for eight days, but the only I reply so far was essentially "my tech guy will get back to you." I tried to sign up for the support forum (which they also do not seem to monitor), but the process failed. Very poor support experience so far, confirming what others are saying in the forums.On a positive note, JD at RadarContact answered my questions within a few hours or less. Fantastic support for a $44 product.Regards,Rich
  12. Congratulations on a great product! Only one small issue to report so far... If you leave the frequency for weather (option 2), RC4.3 appears to have trouble recognizing passage of a flight plan waypoint during that time. When returning to the ATC frequency, RC considers you off course and attempts to vector you back to the passed waypoint. This was reproduced by simply by going off frequency for weather shortly before reaching a waypoint.Best Regards,Rich Lucas
  13. >>> Can you point me in the right direction? I know that there are method calls to do all of this in System.Drawing, but I am not sure how to use them correctly...Hey there... I will try to get back to you on this (been caught up at work this week). I do not use the built in transforms anymore because they produce some unwanted side effects for maps. However, it is still important to understand 2D Transformation theory and matrix algebra. This is the critical math of map rendering. Here is a good starting point:http://www.willamette.edu/~gorr/classes/Ge...ransforms2d.htmAlso Google "2D Transformations".The transforms should make more sense after reading about this stuff.
  14. Pete, that is good news. I apologize and thanks for the corrections.Best Regards,Rich
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